Saturday, January 4, 2014

NYC New York Color Eyeshadow Trio Tutorial

I received a NYC New York Color Eyeshadow Trio in the color 781 "Long Beach Sands" in my Jolly Voxbox from Influenster (more on that in a later post) and I was challenged to create a look and write a tutorial on how to achieve it! This is a very affordable product, especially for makeup beginners who are uncertain of which colors may look good on them (this is a good place to start), these retail for $2.99 in the US (prices may vary by country). It comes with a highlighter (the top shade), an all over lid color (the middle shade) and a crease tone (the bottom shade) as well as an applicator. The guides on the package are only meant to help out but you can certainly mix these colors around to achieve different looks. The texture of this is very fine and super blend-able so don't be afraid to try out various different shades in the product line.

I think a neutral eyeshadow look is one that will flatter many skin-tones, now obviously the darker your skin, the deeper the shades you should use and some of these colors may be too faint or the change in coloration may be too subtle. You can always opt for more contrast in your color choices so I always choose a very light shade and a much darker shade so that they pop more against each other (the top and middle shade of this trio work well together in that respect).

To achieve a subtle and daytime smokey eye with this trio of colors, use your darkest tone (or the middle color in the trio) closest to your lash line and sweep it across. Patting the color on with a fine tipped or thin angled brush will allow you to give the appearance of eyeliner.  Use the midtone (or the bottom-most color of the trio)  on the medium portion of your eye and then the lightest highlighter tone (the top color of the trio) on the crease of your eyelid. This will create a subtle gradient which is suitable for day time activities or night time fun!

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