Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lace and Fishnet Eyeshadow Designs

A really cool look that I'm fascinated with and have definitely practiced before is the lace and fishnet eyeshadow designs. When you do one of these looks, you have to be patient because it may not turn out exactly the way you want it to right away. These are great looks for when you want to stand out at a nightclub, if you're feeling quirky, or a Hallowe'en/masquerade party get-up. To do this design you have to own pigments or mineral makeup, otherwise it's going to be a waste of your eyeshadow pots because you'll have to keep packing on color to get your desired result. This is a great solution for any doilies you have laying around the home that you don't know what to do with and broken pairs of tights that your heart just doesn't want to throw out. As long as you clean it after makeup application, you can reuse your scraps for eyeshadow application again.

What you'll need:
- loose powder eyeshadows in the colors you want
- fishnet tights or lace (can be ripped up)
- scissors (to cut the lace to your desired size)
- magic tape
- translucent powder
- fluffy eyeshadow brush or blush brush

First you'll want to put your primer and foundation on so you have a good base for your makeup, this is to keep a matte surface to which the powder can adhere to. You'll need to place your lace or fishnet over your eyeshadow and make sure that you hold it in place, but do this with masking tape (make sure you're not allergic to it and it doesn't stick too much) so that your hands are free to apply the makeup. You have to think in reverse when you're doing this design because the colors that will get filled in are where the holes in your fishnet or lace are, so make sure you pick a lace design that is to your liking and imagine the 'negative space' on it being the design that will make it to your face. Using a loose blush brush or fat shader eyeshadow brush, pack in the color you're trying to get and make sure that you go a little bit at a time because it's very easy to overdo this pattern.

Try not to jiggle your lace or fishnet during this process because this will make the design appear blurry. The most difficult part of this application is the beginning because securing your patterned design and magic tape is really the most important part. Once you have the preparation done,  you'll get a great look! It's easy to clean up any fallout with a q-tip or makeup pad and sharpen your design, finish off with a translucent powder to set. To achieve a perfect cats eye design you will want to put your making tape in a straight line from the outer corner of your eye to the outer corner of your eyebrow. This will create that dramatic, sloped cut off of your colored pattern.

Be creative, be colorful and be inspired by your designs!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace! I tried this a couple of halloweens ago...didn't turn out the way i wanted but i still need practice!

  2. it's really best to start with the fishnet pattern, I find, because it's so much simpler it lets you get in a bit of practice and the reward is that your design will look great no matter what =) I tried it first for one halloween too and it worked out wonderfully


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