Thursday, March 20, 2014

E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace) Smudge Pot Review & Swatches

I'm so excited to bring you this new review of the ELF Smudge Pots! These are an ELF dupe of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and they offer a wide variety of colors (I hope they add more to this) and the website sales apply to this product (recently they had a 50% off new products sale which I took advantage of to pick up the entire line for $9!). These smudge pots used to retail for $2 but were recently increased to $3 (thanks to reader Renate for this info), which makes them a very affordable alternative for cream eyeshadow, seeing as the Color Tattoos retail for $6.99-8.99.

Look created with ELF Smudge Pots

This is a look I was able to create with the following:
  • Cruisin Chic all over the lid
  • Poppin Party in the crease
  • Pearls of Wisdom as browbone highlight
  • Gotta Glow in the inner corner of the lid
  • Ocean Bound as lower lash liner
  • Ain't That Sweet? on the inner corner of lower lash line
  • Supplemental products: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara (black), Chella Indigo Blue liquid liner, and Jordana Fabubrow eyebrow pencil (02 medium brown)

The formula of the lightest three of these shades (Pearls of Wisdom, Ain't That Sweet? and Gotta Glow) is thicker and you have to warm the product up with your finger to get decent color payoff - these are definitely the most sheer shades. The rest have a more mousse-like consistency, softer than Maybelline Color Tattoos and the darker shades have the best color payoff.

ELF Smudge Pot Swatches natural lighting
 Hit the Town looks like a medium gray in the pot but really comes across in swatches as a mixture between gray and brown, more wearable than just a straight-up gray. Pearls of Wisdom, Ain't That Sweet and Gotta Glow work best as highlight colors or can be used in looks that require just a slight wash of color, and also make fabulous eyeshadow bases.
ELF Smudge Pot Swatches indoor lighting
 Gotta Glow would make a nice highlight for a look featuring Back to Basics, Cruisin Chic or Brownie Points. Cruisin' Chic is a taupe, Brownie Points is essentially a copper, and Back to Basics is a true wearable gold.
ELF Smudge Pot Swatches with Flash
Poppin Party appears fairly scary in the pot, but when swatched it is a beautiful and easily work and blended out eggplant color (it's definitely not a saturated clownish purple). The same goes for Ocean Bound, which is more of a smokey blue than a true bright electric blue. 

I highly recommend these, especially if you can purchase them for 50% off on sale. If you have multiple color tattoos then you will definitely see similarities between these shades and the ones you already have. Maybelline's Caramel Cool is very similar to Brownie Points (they are a few shades apart with Brownie Points being slightly darker), Gotta Glow  is a more gold version of Barely Branded, and Pearls of Wisdom is a more sheer and less metallic version of Too Cool. You will find similarities but you will not have exact dupes of colors, so I think it's safe to say you can add these to your collection! Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks for the swatches! I just hopped onto the Color Tattoo bandwagon. They're not as expensive as the MAC paint pots, but if you want to buy a ton of colors, it adds up. These look like good alternatives.

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah when I purchased these there were no swatches of all of them on the internet so I really wanted to put them out there so everyone can be an informed buyer on the colors they're getting and the quality. I really like them, and I do tend to reach for some of these colors over my Color Tattoos because they're less gel-like and drying, I think they're more creamy and better for dry skin. Let me know if you do end up getting them and what you think of them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the info! I updated the post :)


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