Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wearing metallic eyeliner

It comes as no surprise to me that plenty of times when I see women wearing metallic eyeliner they just simply try to line their upper lashes with it and it gives for a very unappealing look, because I used to do this until I knew better. A much more beautiful way to line your eyes is to first apply your metallic eyeliner in whatever medium you have it (most are pencil but you can make it a liquid eyeliner by rubbing some on your brush and making a paste with Visine as the mixing medium, trust me, this works wonders) and then going right under this line with a black liquid liner for a precise and beautiful contour to your eyes. This way the metallic color won't change the way your eyes look (like bringing out the red in them) but will simply frame them. This technique is very simple and practical.

Even if you don't have metallic eyeliner you can mix eyeshadow with Visine and rub a thin angled brush into the mixture and proceed to line your eyes. There is a wide range of infinite possibilities with this because you can conceivably turn *any* of your eyeshadow colors into liners! How exciting is that, your makeup can now do double duty!

When the eye isn't contoured by a darker shade, the gold brings out the red tones in the eye

Check out the difference between these two metallic blue eyeliner applications. On the left you see an application that is not contoured by black or a darker shade and it looks downright ghoulish. This isn't an attractive look, even for a model. Makeup should enhance your features and not distract away from them. On the right, the blue is enhancing the model's natural eye color by being pushed out of the way of her own blue eyes by that black contour.

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