Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Friday Fun Day

Knitted Dove pocket dress
$55 -

Sheer dress
$48 -

Oasis narrow shoes
$68 -

Flower handbag
$26 -

Wing earrings
$295 -

Dorothy Perkins rhinestone ring
$15 -

H M flower hair accessory
£1.99 -

This is a dream outfit for Friday Fun Day (aka today), the day before the long weekend (Family Day in Canada and President's Day weekend in the US). Start your long weekend off right by looking cute as can be! I have an obsession and fondness for Patricia Locke jewelry, especially since my adoring in-laws got me a beautiful bracelet for my birthday! My new color combination of choice is, oddly enough, metal tones with forest green, yellow and peachy pink! Hope this inspired you in some way to bring spring into your wardrobe!

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