Thursday, December 15, 2011

Aerosoles Boots purchase!

I'm so excited about this most recent buy that I got with my birthday money and the other pair that my mom bought for me as a gift for the holidays, that I absolutely must share with you.

Aerosoles is having a 20% off boots which are already on sale, so I took advantage of these real suede studded boots. They're flat, with a little bit of an arch for support. The model is called Sota Fountain and it fits my abnormally large calves. I usually have such problems finding boots, especially suede and leather boots, because of how large my calf muscle is and they are always too tight or will not pull up past a certain point. These boots absolutely delighted me and the pattern is so chic and fashionable that I'm sure that I'll wear them for years to come. They are sturdy and feel like they're made of thick suede, so you probably don't have to worry too much about wear and tear. These are perfect for Seattle's terrain, where I need a flat shoe but with arch support and comfort so that I can walk up and down the many hilly streets.

The regular price for these was $200, which is absolutely way more than I will ever pay for a pair of shoes, any kind of shoes. However, I was delighted to find out how big the sale was that they were offering! The yellow pair was retailing for $69.99 but with 20% off, they only came to $55.99. The black pair wasn't on such a large sale because it was $99.99 and with the 20% off it came to $79.99, apparently this color happens to be a lot more popular than the yellow so it doesn't go on sale with as big of a discount. So if you're interested in purchasing a pair, don't waste time! They come in olive and brown as well, with the olive color being on huge discount just like the yellow pair (as they consider it a less desirable color) and I am considering purchasing them too!!! Hurry if you want a pair, the sale will probably end soon or they 'll be out of stock.

You can find them online here.

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