Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fashionista on a Budget, episode 3

This week, my friends and I went on a shopping escapade through downtown Seattle and ravaged Pacific Place, Forever 21, and H&M for things to wear to the company Christmas party (which was last night). We didn't find anything we particularly liked in terms of dresses, but we walked away with assorted other items like tank tops and sweaters. All of these items are much more suited to the weather here and our lifestyles, so they were probably wiser purchases than a dress anyway.

I picked up this Ecote Feather Embellished Tank Top from Urban Outfitters because it was on sale and it is made of a thick cotton material that I love wearing during the winter-time under cardigans. I purchased two of these tank tops, one in the off-white with beige beads, and the other in black with gray beads. They are low-cut in the back and can look a little sultry. The original retail price of these tank tops was $49, which I think is ludicrous for the tiny bit of material any tank top is made from, so I waited until they were on sale for $19 and the UO was having a 50% off sale items day. I picked up both of these tank tops for under $10 each. Now, that's what I call shopping! I'm very happy with this purchase because they suit day-to-day activities and are not under-dressed or over-dressed for any occasion.

Next, I saw this Staring at Stars Fuzzy Open Stitch Open Cardigan that I had seen weeks before but it was originally $59, which is far more than I had valued it. Therefore, when it went on sale, it became $29, and with the half-off promo they had going on, it became $15/each. However, at the cash register, the lady that rang it up, only charged me $10 for it, so I was absolutely thrilled. I got one in coral (which they don't have pictured on the website, so they must be sold out) and one in white. I'm kind of upset I didn't pick one up in black, but I wasn't sure if I wanted the same cardigan in triplicate! The damage I did during this shopping trip was around $43 with taxes and all, so I got two tank tops and two cardigans for that amount. The original amount would have been $98 for the tank tops and $118 for the cardigans, leaving the whopping non-sale, non-50% promotion, total at $216.

I'm a firm believer that if you're not desperately looking for one thing or another, you won't spend too much money shopping on the essentials for the winter season. Everything goes on sale, eventually. That's my mantra. Purchasing from the sale rack of this type of store is even a great idea for holiday presents for friends and family. They will be surprised and the big present you got them, but you don't have to reach deep inside your pockets to do it.

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