Friday, October 4, 2013

Product Spotlight: Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

These are an oldie but goldie. I know these shadows have been around for years but with the addition of new colors, formula improvements and such a low price-point (from $2.99-$3.49 in most drug or department stores) I feel that these deserve a detailed look. YouTube beauty gurus are constantly raving about how amazing these are and I just had to go out and purchase Walking on Eggshells and Silent Era Film as they looked to me like the most wearable neutrals. Silent Era Film is not in the regular collection, it's part of their new "Be a Runway Beauty" collection, so not every store may have this particular one.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that these colors swatch just as beautifully as they look in the pans! However, they don't have testers in the store (at least not at the Walgreens I picked them up from) so I had to just take the $3.49 risk that all would be as promised.

Exhibit A: Walking on Eggshells

This was by far the most wearable color combination, I think it works great for all skin tones, especially fair ones and I was very pleasantly surprised when I swatched these on my hand, as they really did appear exactly as the pressed color looks in the pan! I have seen this particular color combination reviewed many times so I didn't take any pictures of what it looks like on my eyes. I really like that the colors have stamped into them where they should be placed, this is a wonderful beginner's basic set. The colors are ever so slightly shimmery but I do not think that they settle into creases, especially with a nice base applied first. These are, however, very subtle colors, so if you do choose to apply them over top of your skin without an eyeshadow primer or base, you may notice that they will fade quite easily (all but the crease color which is the intensely pigmented brown). This was a great purchase, I can see why it is a staple for many in their daily makeup routine, it's probably going to become one for me as well.

Exhibit B: Silent Era Film

This color combination was more daring and the crease color really drew me in, especially because it did remind me of 1920's flapper style makeup. Immediately when I saw this in the store, I thought of luxurious fringes, The Great Gatsby and a flapper bob, so I just had to buy it. The light pink browbone is a wonderful illuminator and wakes up your eyes, the intense peach/coral is a pop of wow, and the deep gray is a wonderful anchor. If I saw these colors on their own, I would put the gray in the crease, the light pink on the inner corner of my eye and browbone highlight and the coral on the main part of my lid. I like that the way this was ordered forced me to think out of my comfort zone of placing the darkest color on the crease.

Here's what the suggested look turned out like:

I was extremely happy with the results, it was much more wearable than I had originally anticipated and I look forward to trying these colors in various placements.

In conclusion, I highly encourage everyone to purchase these Color Icon trios, they're magnificent! Even if you have higher end products, this is a great alternative and may let you hold onto your more expensive shadows for special occasions!

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