Wednesday, October 2, 2013

E.L.F. Disney Villains Limited Edition Collection

For the past 2 years, ELF has released limited edition Disney Villains collections, one per year. These are only sold at Walgreens across the U.S. and are in very high demand. There are 4 look-books in total, one for the Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficient, and Cruella de Vil. I didn't have the privilege of getting any of these last year so I picked up 2 of the set this year. The price of these is a very affordable $9.99/each as with all ELF makeup. There are also Ardell eyelash trios available for purchase, a 12-pack of nail-polish minis from ELF, matching cosmetic bags and hair ties from Goody.

Feast your eyes on the display!!

I absolutely love the packaging for all of these and I think they would make wonderful Christmas presents for any teenager that's getting into makeup, any makeup junkie you know, or anyone who is young at heart. If I didn't have to haul these across the country since I'm not home, I probably would have picked up a lot more.

I'll do an in-depth look at the 2 look-books I purchased, the Evil Queen and Ursula. I thought Ursula's colors were the most vibrant of them so that's why I was very drawn to it and I really loved the neutrals in the Evil Queen.

This is the outer packaging:

Here's a closer look, in each lookbook you will get a palette with 6 eyeshadows, mascara, lipgloss, eye primer, black liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow brush and a black pencil liner

I think the packaging really goes above and beyond in this set. Unlike the previous set, you can choose to keep the packaging or remove all of the components if you wish, they are not embedded into the look-book. Also, on the left inner flap, there are instructions for a day look and on the right inner flap, there are instructions for a night look to achieve dramatically different eyes. The flavor text on these descriptions is extremely colorful and villainous. Although these sets appear "evil" you can achieve some very conventionally beautiful looks with them, so don't be afraid to try it out!

If these aren't your cup of tea, then you can always head over to and pick up a myriad of other products :)

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