Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Runway All-Stars

This new show premiered on Lifetime last week and it features contestants that were snubbed by Project Runway in various seasons, competing for a prize that totals $500,000 and a one-year guest editor position at Marie Claire magazine. You can watch Project Runway All-Stars episodes here. The competitors do seem to be of a higher quality than in the regular show, and they feature all your favorites from past seasons which is a bonus. The designers featured this time include Kenley Collins, Rami Kashou and Mondo Guerra, which are some of my all-time favorites that have been on the show. Kenley is mean but quirky and her design style always reflects a retro point of view, Mondo is completely out-of-the-box and surprises me with his designs which are wholly unique every week, and Rami just oozes classic couture and impeccable construction. I won't lie, some of the designers this season (like Mila and Austin) are some of the most annoying people that have ever been on the show, but I guess the point is to see if they can all co-exist for awhile and make some ridiculous reality drama.

Angela Lindvall, host
The new mentor, aka the position of Tim Gunn in the original, is Joanna Coles, a woman which pretty much embodies the Devil from 'The Devil Wears Prada'. She's a lot more stern than Tim Gunn and seems to be giving far less helpful advice, for the time being (there's time for her to redeem herself). The new hostess on this show is supermodel Angela Lindvall (which I've never heard of before but the show claims she's an extremely famous person) and she is fairly awkward in her delivery of the lines but tolerable and even comes across as being nice. It's definitely nice to see a fresh face on this show. I was sick of Molly Sims in the Project Runway Accessory show because she was always incredibly rude and she sounds like she has a speech impediment (not to be rude to people with speech impediments, but do they really have to host a TV show?). Is it just me or does Angela Lindvall remind you of a bootleg Taylor Swift? The show seems to be sticking to the same format but adding fresh faces with different points of view, maybe ones not as nasty as the previous show's. One major change this season is that nobody will ever get immunity, which means every week someone will be eliminated and it will be unexpected.

Georgina Chapman, judge
Either way, let's talk about the other new changes: the judges! Let me just say that Isaac Mizrahi is incredibly annoying, I dislike his fashion all together and I have no idea what makes him qualified to be a judge on the show. With that being said, Georgina Chapman is the other judge and she is the co-founder and designer of Marchesa but what is most shocking about her is that she is married to Harvey Weinstein (possibly the ugliest man in the world) and even bore his child. Georgina makes all the models on the Project Runway shows look like trolls because she's absolutely stunning and her dresses are very popular among the Hollywood elite on red carpets (this probably has something to do with her husband).


  1. I agree georgina is astonishly beautiful n a pleasure to listen to as a judge..isaac doesnt bug me much n joanna really grew on me..shes totally the female version of tim minus the awesome catch phrase..but the host angela literally made me miss the first few episodes! Shes absolutely terrible! Shes dirty greasy looking, stuck up acting n talks so slow like shes so starved for attention n wants all the camera time!I literally put tv on mute when she spoke arrgggg! Sorry angela but i hope u never take a host job again! Please!

  2. Hahaha, so true, oh my goodness, I tried listening to her in the finale and she was talking soooo slowly and addressing everyone like they were kindergarten students! I couldn't believe that's how she spoke at a fashion show, tsk tsk maybe Angela won't return for the next season if there is one! I'm so happy about the winner though ^.^


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