Friday, January 6, 2012

Sephora OPI Sale!!!

This post is for all of you gourmet nail polish lovers that refuse to coat your nails with anything but the best! If you go to Sephora's website, you can just click this link to easily get into the sale portion of their website. I didn't see a button or link for it anywhere on their main page so I got it using Google, it was a trick someone taught me from a makeup board. You can choose to sort all of their items on sale by price, which will show you everything from the cheapest price to the most expensive.

Now before you get too excited, there is something important to realize: not all of the colors go on sale, it's mainly just the seasonal ones. However, they're full-sized bottles and it's still a great deal, so if you can find a few that you like, it's worth it! Here's a list of the colors that have been reduced in price from approx. $10 to $5 or $6.65 here and the link you can find them at. I've also included photos from fellow bloggers, thank-you for your contributions to this article!

Countdown to the Kiss: opaque royal blue with medium glitter (item # 1355981) ---> $5

Don't be Eggnogious: clear with medium and chunky copper glitter (item # 1355999) ---> $5

New Years Red-Solution: opaque metallic golden red (item # 1356013) ---> $5

Stop Stocking Me: opaque metallic golden plum (item # 1356039) ---> $5

Tempted by Teal: opaque metallic teal (item # 1345132) ---> $6.65

Going Nude, Eh?: opaque light milky neutral (item # 1256973) ---> $5

Blasted Nail Colors : blasted effect opaque metallic sapphire blue, midnight blue, maraschino red, metallic turquoise, and bright white ---> $5

I couldn't find any great photos of this collection per se but this is what crackle nailpolish looks like, the 'blasted' is supposed to be a slightly milder effect, but it probably looks the same.

From the Katy Perry Crackle Nail Collection by OPI

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