Friday, December 2, 2011

Snow Bunny Beauty Tips

Are you going skiing or snowboarding this holiday season? Do you just want to be able to look and feel great while wearing layers of clothing, without having to worry about your beauty products rubbing off on the collars of your jackets, insides of your hats, and scarves? This article will tell you how to get the snow bunny look without all the mess (and without all that skiing, I'm more of a hot chocolate by the fire kind of girl myself).

If you're going to be out in the cold, you will definitely want to consider getting a good strong moisturizer for your face and any other skin that is exposed as the cold weather can be very harsh and detrimental for your skin. Use a sweat-proof sunscreen on the body parts you will have exposed to the sun (even in the winter months it will burn you). Make sure you blot away any excess greasiness from the cream and sunscreen with a tissue before you do anything else, this will help the staying power of your makeup.

Then, primer is a girl's best friend during the winter months, so use a colorless gel-like primer or my personal favorite aloe vera gel, and cover your entire face with it. Stay away from cream-based eyeshadows and powders because they will definitely smear onto your clothing, as will anything with an oil base. You can choose whether you want to wear liquid blush or powder blush, but anything you put on must be covered by a translucent powder to set it (this includes your foundation) and reduce the amount of staining it will do to your clothes.

For a frost-inspired eyeshadow look, use colors that have a sheen and are pearly pales, such as white, silver and lilac. These colors look pretty and feminine but still retail that iced-edginess when put on correctly. Apply your lightest color (white) under the base of the eyebrow as your highlight, your mid-tone (lilac) on the eyelid itself and your darkest shade (silver) as the contour surrounding your eyelid.  Line your eyes with a waterproof kohl pencil for the most staying power (or a truly waterproof eye liner if you can find one) and use a brush to smoke out your eyeliner a little for a sultry gaze. To smoke out your kohl liner, use a black shimmer and extend it into a winged line to elongate your eye.

Make sure you blend everything together beautifully. As a final touch add the lightest color to the inner corner of your eyes generously and apply shimmer powder to your cheekbones, above your blush. For an extra-feminine snow bunny look, you can apply some fake lashes to the outer corners of your eyes, they will stay in place if you use Duo Lash Adhesive glue. Use waterproof mascara so that your sweat from snow sports will not make your mascara run. I would opt for a pinkish blush in a doll-like color, but don't go overboard because if your eye makeup is overpowering, we don't want your whole face to be brighter than the sun. For your lips, you will want to exfoliate to smoothen them out and then just apply a simple moisturizing lipgloss with SPF.

Have fun on the slopes or in the chateau drinking what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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