Saturday, December 3, 2011

Changing your beauty routine with age

As time goes on, we realize we no longer look the same as we used to as teenagers and our makeup techniques have vastly improved and changed. The reason for this is to keep your look trendy and fresh but also age appropriate. Any products you use should naturally enhance your beauty rather than try to cover it up and change it to make you look like something you're not.

Under eye care
Aging skin requires that we use products with firming nutrients, but it doesn't mean that you have to be old to use them, I believe that if you use firming products from your twenties, you will look younger in your fifties and sixties. Under your eyes you can see the wrinkles and crows feet that really bother you when you look in the mirror. Packing concealer into here will not do you any good, as the concealer will set inside your wrinkles and make them pit even more. You will want to start by applying moisturizer and anti-aging firming cream under your eye by patting it on with your ring finger (never pushing it in as the skin is thin and will easily be damaged). Then put aloe vera gel or primer in the area where you have bags and wrinkles to seal your wrinkles before applying your concealer.

Color change
As we age, contrasting colors may look too stark and draw attention to our little wrinkles and imperfections. This is why it is a good idea to change your eyeshadow shades from dark/light contrasts to more muted neutrals  and browns, steering clear of blacks and saturated colors. Mature women tend to look best in dark brown mascara as the stark black tends to be too dramatic. Stick to lighter colors of blush, rather than going darker, over time. You want your cheeks to look rosy and young rather than old and gloomy. To avoid getting that smeared look that you can get with cream blush, stick to powder blushes. If you are already adept at using cream blushes, then get a lighter rosy color because at least this formula will hydrate your skin. Rose-toned blush works on all skin types and colors. You may want to consider using mineral makeup because the colors have more of a sheen that will bring light to your face and it has a dewy finish.

We all get small wrinkles all over our lips and that line around our lips, creating an unappealing sad-clown look. Use lip moisturizers/balms constantly to hydrate your lips, especially before you put your lipstick on. Exfoliate to get rid of excess flakes of skin. Line your lips with a lip liner, but do not go a shade that is darker than your lipstick because this is a dated look that is not suited for our modern lives. The purpose of lip liner is so that your lipstick will not run out of the lip line and into your wrinkles, this is a great trick to use.

Here are some inexpensive items you can order online that I recommend if you want to follow the tips in this post!

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