Sunday, December 18, 2011

Festive Holiday Hairstyles

Tis the season that you'll be going to or holding many get-togethers, for family and friends, and holiday X-mas parties. You'll be sure to wear snazzy clothing and don your best swag for the festivities, but are you looking for something to make sure you stand out from the crowd of gorgeous people? Well, you may be wondering how to wear your hair with the various outfits you have this season, so I'm going to do a quick how-to review of some simple, yet unique, hairstyles to go with your holiday garb.

Faux hawk
This trendy punk-inspired hairstyle has bled into the mainstream over the past several years and is a great option for short and long hair alike. You don't need to cut your hair any particular way to achieve this hairstyle, so do not make this a permanent mohawk change unless you are absolutely sure you're going to love it. It's easy to style, but do not do it on freshly washed or frizzy hair, you will need the natural oils from your scalp to aid in the process. Using styling gel (not mousse because it won't hold as well) pull your hair in the middle and on the sides of your head together and up, put gel in from the roots to the tips. Simply mold your hair to the desired shape you're looking for and either use pins to secure it up on the sides, or skip this step if just using a strong hairspray works for you. Either way, finish off with plenty of hairspray for hold.

French-up your braid
I love french braids and think that they are basically the classiest hairstyle you can get because their simplicity, yet perfection, is absolutely breathtaking. If you can manage to do this hairstyle at your holiday party, you will definitely get compliments! I suggest starting this hairdo in the mirror to help you out, but then as you continue your braid, you should probably try not to look in the mirror as it will confuse you and you need to keep a pretty steady track of your strands. Before you do anything, you want to make sure you brush your hair out to get any knots out. Then start at your hairline and grab hair from the top of your head to begin a normal braid, dividing into three sections (equal in size). Hold the right section in your right hand, left in your left hand and the middle one between the thumb and forefinger of whichever hand is easiest. then you want to cross the sections, going right over middle, do the same with the left, fairly tightly as you go. Then, gather a bit more hair from your right section and do the cross-over again over the middle. Repeat with the left side and keep doing this over and over until you come to the end of the braid.

Adorn your 'do
Consider adding a beautiful flower or hair clip that will really spruce up your hairdo, or maybe go as far as wearing an embellished head band to make a statement. This idea is so simple because you literally only need to clip on your hair accessory or put it on, and I am a particularly large fan of barrettes because they can add elegance to any simple hairstyle in the simplest of ways. You can wear a headband either over your forehead for that hippie-chic look or with your hair pulled slightly back to keep it away from your fresh-looking face. Either way you cut it, a sparkly hair accessory definitely will make you look like the festive belle of the ball. Try a braided headband or floral silver headband for a unique look that I can almost guarantee others will not be brave or creative enough to wear.

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