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Product Review & Swatches: Too Faced Everything Nice Palette for Sephora Holiday 2014

The Sephora-exclusive Too Faced Everything Nice (That's What Pretty Girls Are Made Of) Set retails for $56 and is currently available for purchase here. There has been so much hype and speculation over this palette and I spoke about it really briefly in a previous post. UPS just delivered mine so I've put together this review ASAP. Basically, this set is a variation of the Too Faced Few of My Favorite Things Set from last Holiday 2013.

This year the bag is... not as spectacular as last years. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's a bright fuchsia color that doesn't particularly appeal to me and secondly, it has chunky glitter particles adhered to its backside. I'm not sure why Too Faced went this route over, say, a clear window panel, but the glitter catches onto other fabrics and flies off everywhere. The back of the bag does not have a smooth texture, it is rough due to the large pieces of glitter. The cutest part is the zipper which has a round ornament on it, but it does add even more bulkiness to an already large bag.

The next issue I have with the bag is that it was not designed to fit the Everything Nice palette! Deceptively, they come in the box together, next to one another, but the box is much thicker than the bag and the zipper of the bag does not open the whole say, so you could never fit the palette inside. I suppose it's meant as a "bonus" for us to keep other makeup inside.

The inside of the Everything Nice Set is a charming little number. It consists of 20 fairly large (basically full sized) eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a deluxe mascara (Better Than Sex) and a 3-piece mini brush set. You're receiving a great variety of color in multiple textures, including shimmer, matte, satin and glitter. I think some basic math will tell you that this set is worth the price - I can see them selling for double or triple on eBay once stock runs out at Sephora.

For me, deluxe sized mascaras are cute for travel, so I'm happy to have received the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I like the conventional yet slightly bulkier mascara wand, I find that it gives me extra volume and carries a good amount of product so I won't have to re-dip during application.

The synthetic brush trio has cute handles, which have glitter suspended inside a layer of resin (which is what I would have preferred the makeup bag to be) so the glitter is really only aesthetic but won't scratch or fly off. The largest brush might be useful for contouring under your cheekbones, there is a decently sized eyeshadow brush and a liner brush (can also be used as an eyebrow brush). You're getting a nice variety of brushes and they are held securely in the set by a plastic strap so they won't fall out every time you open the palette.

Too Faced Everything Nice - Sephora Holiday 2014
Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Preach, Chocolate Soleil, Inner Light & Synthetic Brush Trio

Swatches of Too Faced Everything Nice - Sephora Holiday 2014
As you can see, these colors all swatch well and are of the quality I always expect from Too Faced's products. All of the face products are smooth and buttery, easy to apply and blend.

  • Sweet Pink is a light blue-toned pink with golden finely milled glitter.
  • Papa Don't Preach is a shimmery bronze peach color which was exceptionally smooth
  • Chocolate Soleil, their cult classic, smells like chocolate and is a warm mid-toned bronzer.
  • Inner Light, a re-promote from the Be Bright palette, is a pale golden highlight with fine gold glitter 

Eyeshadows in Too Faced - Everything Nice Set for Sephora Holiday 2014

A quick overview of the shadows will reveal matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, glitter and duochrome shades. This set contains a wide variety to please every taste. Some shades are even multiple finishes, such as metallic shimmers and they are interesting and unique.

Swatches of Row 1 of Too Faced Everything Nice Eyeshadow Palette
  • Turtle Dove - pale highlight white matte, will not achieve fully opaque color
  • Dream On - neutral nude matte
  • After Hours - metallic dark gold, super pigmented and buttery
  • Fawned of You - light caramel-toned brown matte, very highly pigmented and smooth
  • Knockout - appears dark brown in pan but secondary swatch reveals medium brown matte

Swatches of Row 2 of Too Faced Everything Nice Eyeshadow Palette
  • Paper Roses - pale baby pink shimmer
  • Kindness is Free - pearlescent pink shimmer satin
  • Mauvelous - lilac silver shimmer (re-promote from Too Faced Be Bright Holiday 2013)
  • Be You - warm taupe matte, well pigmented
  • Secret Lovers - dark chocolate brown shimmer, very pigmented and smooth

Swatches of Row 3 of Too Faced Everything Nice Eyeshadow Palette
  • Heaven - light nude matte, fairly weak pigmentation
  • Shiny Happy - metallic green-toned gold shimmer
  • Honey Pot - metallic yellow gold, very smooth and highly pigmented
  • Don't Settle - antique gold metallic shimmer
  • Girly - green burnt orange/brown duochrome - the most unique color in the palette, I love this one; re-promote form the Too Faced - Pretty Rebel palette (thanks to reader Selina Alexandria for the info!)

Swatches of Row 4 of Too Faced Everything Nice Eyeshadow Palette
  • Totally Fetch - bright fuchsia pink satin, re-promote form the Too Faced - Pretty Rebel palette (thanks to reader Selina Alexandria for the info!)
  • Live It Up - purple shimmer with sparse blue, less intense than Totally Fetch and Too Glam
  • Too Glam - satin metallic emerald green with fine shimmer, extremely pigmented
  • Head Over Heels - dark navy blue with cobalt blue glitter densely packed inside
  • Chocolate Moon - dark brown with sparse gold glitter - this color may be an attempt at black, but the opacity just isn't there, so I would say that it comes off much more like a dark brown

I really like this palette, of course there are some misses (Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon, Heaven) but for the most part, this palette is absolutely fantastic. You will be able to create a wide variety of looks, and even the worst of the palette is still definitely usable, you just have to layer and work with the product. Overall, the consistency of all of the powders is very good, the extra bonuses of the set are a cute addition, and it would make a beautiful holiday gift for any makeup fan. The packaging is cute and sturdy, even though it is made of a condensed and covered cardboard. 

If you are considering purchasing this set, I recommend doing so early, because last year's equivalent sold out in a few weeks and I suspect this will do the same due to its high quality and great value.


  1. I am pretty sure Girly and Totally Fetch are from the Pretty Rebel palette. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. You're so right! Thanks for letting me know!! I don't own that palette so I wasn't aware... TYVM, updating post ASAP

  3. You're very welcome! I have Pretty Rebel and am biting at the bit waiting for this one to come in the mail :)

  4. awww... ask someone to get it for you for the holidays?? :)

  5. I am swimming in eyeshadow, but I just bought it! GAH!

  6. Yayyy! Do you love it? Have you tried to create a look with it yet? I've been using it every day since I received it, I love it so much! I'm glad I didn't get last years because I think the colors in this one seem to pop much more

  7. I absolutely hated this palette. LOVED the face products though. The shadows were not most most blendable in some cases and there was tons of fallout in nearly all shades they were were dry and flakey. The light shades were not pigmented and that is coming from someone who is super pale. The Too faced chocolate bar palette is way better in terms of pigmentation and overall quality. I'd skip this and grab the chocolate bar palette. The blush colours are gorgeous and I am loving the bronzer and highlighter but that is not enough to make this palette worth it. To top it off the eyeshadows irrritated my eyes. I have never considered myself someone with sensitive eyes but this made my eyes water and itch I would avoid this palette if you have sensitive eyes.

  8. I did like the shades Mauvelous, Be You, Totally Fetch, Live it up, Too Glam, Shiny Happy,Honeypot (They irritated my eyes along with the rest but they were pretty!). Head over heels is utterly pathetic nowhere near what it looks like in the pan..VERY PATCHY! Chocolate moon was also a disapointment which comes off as a medium grey rather than a black. Girly Looked super muddy (While I do agree it is a really neat shade) I tried using it alone or with other colours and it was awful! Paper Roses and Turtle Dove had next to no pigment and were patchy.

  9. Hey Stephanie,

    Yeah, i really loved the face products as well, I think they were awesome quality and I get a ton of use out of all of the colors. I didn't notice the colors irritating my eyes... sometimes various makeup removers can irritate my eyes and the same goes for eye pencils and liquid/gel liners, but I didn't notice it with these shadows. I wouldn't recommend putting any glitter eyeshadows near your waterline though, because that can always be a problem with *any* makeup brand. I own the Chocolate Bar palette as well but I do like that the Everything Nice has more pop of color, but I would agree that the mattes in the Chocolate Bar palette are better performers (specifically the mid-tone browns and light shades).

  10. I agree with your criticisms of Head Over Heels and Chocolate Moon, but I do think that Head Over Heels is redeemable if you use a blue paint-pot or Maybelline Color Tattoo underneath, in which case it just adds some glitter to your lid and accentuates the blue base. Girly looks fine as a crease shade for me, but I do have to admit that I transition the top of it out with a light orange tone to keep it from getting muddy - maybe try that out and see if it works for you? I do this a lot with shadows that i find can get muddy. :)

  11. 'After Hours' is from the "Natural At Night" palette, 'Paper Roses' is from the "Country" palette, 'Mauvelous' and 'Chocolate Moon' are from the "Be Merry & Bright" (2013 'Ulta' exclusive) palette, 'Heaven' and 'Honey Pot' are from the "Natural Eyes" palette and 'Girly' and 'Totally Fetch' are from the "Pretty Rebel" palette.


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