Monday, December 19, 2011

Trend Alert: Peter Pan Collars

I've noticed a new trend lately that happens to be in all the stores I peruse: Peter Pan Collars. How do you define this trend, really? Wikipedia refers to it as 'a small, flat, round-cornered collar without a stand' and mentions that it is popular in children's and women's fashion as of the early and mid-20th century. A good accent to this look is either a brooch in the middle, a bow, or a dainty tie. I'm going to say that this definition should be expanded to include collars that are not necessarily round-edged, but can also be hard-edged because I found this particular dress which I believe suits the 'Peter Pan Collar' trend but isn't particularly rounded. I believe the main descriptive in the trend to be the fact that the collar doesn't have a stand and is slightly more gaped than in traditional collars, which gives it a feminine appeal.

Lately, this look has appeared in shirts, outerwear coats and sweaters, and most prominently in dresses. I particularly think it looks cute and conservative in a quirky, doll-like way. I'm a fan of this look, particularly if you're going to be showing a lot of leg in your outfit, keep the risque down below and cover up on top with this whimsical collar to draw attention one of your assets. Many times this collar comes with below-the-knee dresses, but that can look a little too much like nun-fashion, especially for a younger lady. Sleveless or cap-sleeved fashions with this collar are quite adorable and fun. I wouldn't wear this collar with completely long sleeves that go past your wrists because, again, you don't want to look too covered up, so unless the fabric is sheer, I would stick with three-quarter sleeves at the most. This fashion has even gone so far as to transfer onto shoes! That's right, they now have peter pan collars on shoes as well!

I don't know that this look would be so great on busty girls because it might make you look too top-heavy and out of balance with the rest of your body. However, I do know that petite and slim girls look tres chic in this fashion. This is an acceptable fashion for interviews if you're going for a job in fashion or really anywhere the dress code isn't too strict. Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure:

You can purchase this style here:

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