Sunday, November 6, 2011

Support Your Team and Dress like Boo!

So my husband has been insisting that I get an outfit to wear during NFL Sunday's and to my surprise one day while perusing Victoria's Secret, I noticed they have a collection called 'Pink Loves the NFL'. I like the way their clothes fit and the quality of the products so I decided to order the New York Giants Bling Zip Hoodie and Bling Boyfriend Pants. I had no idea what these were going to fit like because they're not pictured on a model, it's just a straight-up shot of the clothes. I received my shipment of the online purchase and, to my surprise, the top fit like a charm, the fabric has some give and is very flattering. Not to mention, I was delighted with the amount of bedazzling these pieces have! There's faux jewels on the '25' on the back of the hoodie, on the logo in the front, and on the G-men lettering on the pants. 

My only qualm with this purchase is that the pants are gigantor and they probably fit more like an XL rather than a M, so *definitely* go a size or two smaller if you're considering getting them. The pants are not hemmed at the bottom, they have that rugged manly look, but that's in keeping with the fact that they're supposed to look like your boyfriend's/husband's pants.

All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase, especially because I can look like my favorite celebrity dog, Boo. He can be seen here in a very similar looking hoodie to the one I've just gotten. Subscribe to him on facebook if you want to see new pics of him in cutesy poses with or without the most adorable clothing on :)
Boo, superstar puppy

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