Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashionista on a Budget, episode 3

With Swedish retailers H&M doing for fashion what their furniture counterpart, Ikea, has done for home finishings, almost anyone can afford to be stylish and wear the season's latest frocks. Many of these clothes are poorly made in third world countries and will be destroyed on your first thorough wash of them, but others have a skill and craftsmanship that far surpasses the asking price. If you have time and patience to scour through the store, I guarantee you will find something that fits and is flattering on any shape. A few days ago I purchased a black dress that hugs the body and gives a sleek and polished appearance. It is made of a thick material and will definitely keep you warm on cold days. Its retail price is $29.95.

I found myself drawn to this particular skirt that comes in a black/white, teal/brown or pink/purple combination of colors ($17.95 for each). The border is an interesting and bold statement, it's a throwback to the '60's the way it flares out and in its sheer femininity. They're also flattering on any figure because of their A-line shape that flows out from the hips to accentuate a small waist. They have movement but they are not slinky skirts, the material is a matted cotton fabric that is relatively stiff (these are my preference, I'm not one to purchase spandex or fitted tube skirts). 
Next, I found a silver-tank shirt with an inverted knot detail in the front at the bottom of the V-neck. This shirt is rather slinky but it is not fitted and hangs loosely. I would not have purchased this shirt if I wasn't desperate for something to match a silver animal-print skirt that I have owned for years. Regardless, this shirt was only $12.95.

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