Monday, November 7, 2011

Depotting your single eyeshadows

Do you ever get annoyed at all the single eyeshadows and blushes you have and wonder how you can consolidate them? Are you looking for an easy way to put all of your eyeshadows together in a palette? Well, look no further because I have all the tips and tricks to do it right in this post!

All you need to depot your eyeshadows:
  • your eyeshadow of choice
  • a straightening iron (any old one will do)
  • parchment paper (traditionally used for baking on)
  • a fine-tipped knife that you don't mind getting dirty
Turn your straightening iron on and let it warm up while you're getting a piece of parchment paper and cutting it into something small enough to cover the bottom of your ceramic iron. Make sure you lean the iron down on a flat side, not with the ceramic portion actively touching your bathroom or kitchen counter. I suggest you do not put your iron down anywhere that isn't heat-proof, you may want to find a tile of granite to do this on. The purpose of the parchment paper is so that none of the plastic of the eyeshadow container will melt onto your iron and get it all gunky and gross. If you perform the steps as written, you will have nothing to clean up and your eyeshadow will be depotted!

Place your single eyeshadow compact onto the parchment paper that you have laid on top of the ceramic of the straightening iron, and let it sit for 30 seconds-1 minute, depending on how hot your iron gets. This will cause the glue underneath the eyeshadow pan, which is holding it to the plastic compact, to loosen. You can then wedge a fine-tipped knife between the pan and the plastic, along the outer edges of the circle, to loosen it out of the plastic casing. If you don't care about the plastic, you can really puncture the bottom with the knife and push the pan out very easily. But you won't want to do this if it's a MAC eyeshadow and you plan on sending it BACK2MAC (their recycling program where for every 6 containers you get 1 lipstick/lipglass of your choice). 

You can use a little bit of antiseptic alcohol or acetone to clean off the glue from the bottom of the pan, then you can attach a magnet on the back (one that has a sticker on the other side) and place it inside a Z-palette or MAC eyeshadow palette. Make sure if you do not have eyeshadows that all fit in the same size as MAC, you will want to buy a Z-palette or UNI palette from Amazon or a beauty-supply store so you can place them in. I'm currently looking for one for all of the assorted things I have depotted below. I will also be getting a MAC palette to place the tons of MAC eyeshadows I have and easily reach for them when I need them.
Happy depotting everyone!

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