Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melting your lipsticks & making your own lip balms

Do you fear that you're turning into a lipstick hoarder? Do you have tons of little lipstick tubes hanging out in your drawers, purses, car and bathroom? Then maybe you will want to consider this interesting idea I have for you: make them into lip-palettes. It's a very simple process that anybody who owns a microwave can do. I imagine that at this point you're basically picturing a Salvador Dali-esque lipstick melting slowly all over the place. I assure you, this is not the case, I have a way you can do this in a very controlled and neat manner. I promise it's all worth it.

There are very logical reasons why you might want to do this: to de-clutter, to see all of your colors at once and make choices more easily, and to get the small remaining amount of lipstick out of the tubes you have mostly used up. The melting method lets you get the most bang for your buck, so you don't go out purchasing another lipstick when you have a decent amount stuck inside your lipstick container that you just can't get at. If you have colors that you absolutely loathe, this is a good time to get creative, you can mix them together and get new and exciting colors! Let's begin.

What you'll need:
- tiny spatula or cuticle pusher
- microwave or a candle (I recommend using tongs if you're considering the latter)
- container to put your melted lipstick in
- lipstick
- rubbing alcohol

First, you will want to take your container of lipstick and use a tiny cuticle pusher/spatula to scrape out the lipstick, you don't have to worry about making a mess or crushing it (I promise we'll reconstitute your lipstick in a manner that is beautiful). Place the lipstick chunks in your new lipstick container. You can choose an empty pillbox, palette, plastic container, glass container, used-up lipbalm case, or stacked dollar-store containers or bead organizers (my personal favorite). Whatever container you choose, make sure to put your lipstick in and dilute it a little bit with a few drops of rubbing alcohol so you can mix it together for an even consistency. Then nuke your lipstick in the microwave. Be careful not to do this for longer than a 5-7 seconds at a time (depending on the strength of your microwave) because your container can crack. Try to work with a material that you know won't crack in the microwave.

If you use a lip brush to apply your lipstick, you will get the most out of your product and you won't be wasting any on your fingers. Also, if you think your containers will melt in the microwave, use a microwaveable tupperware container or bowl and then simply scoop or pour your melted mixture into your container of choice. If you choose to turn your lipsticks into more of a 'lip balm' you will want to mix in some shea butter. How much you add really depends on how much pigment you want in your lipbalm, because the more shea butter you will add, the less color you will see. Make sure to thoroughly mix them together with mixing medium or rubbing alcohol before you melt them. This is a fun and easy project! Enjoy yourselves and show me some of your creations!


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  2. If my lipstick is matte will it remain matte after the process?

    1. Yes it will! Melting will not alter the chemical properties of the lipstick, it will only temporarily be soft and then harden again in your container! Hope this helps!

    2. Yes it does; thank you so much!


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