Monday, November 28, 2011

Ikea Furniture Extravaganza

I'm sure it's the one of the most common stories you've ever heard and it's about people moving into their first apartment and furnishing most of it with findings from Ikea. We are definitely no different. While a lot of their furniture can be cheap, poorly made, and downright yucky-looking, there are some modern diamonds in the rough. It also helps to have a handyman who is capable of putting it all together.
TOBIAS chair $79.99
MALM dressing table $129.99
We visited an Ikea this past Saturday and picked up a few things to 'finish off' our apartment, and most importantly, to 'finish off' my makeup nook. The current desk in the makeup haven is a dressing table with a drawer that slides out like a dream and consists of a wooden frame and glass top which is easy to clean and very beautiful on top of the white. The chair we recently bought is called the Tobias chair and retails for $79.99, we call it the 'ghost chair' because it's see-through. It gives an elegant upscale feel to the whole nook. I adorn it with a lime-green detailed pillow which matches our home. I definitely suggest looking into this chair for an affordable option to those designer chairs which have a similar appeal.

My makeup nook
I garnished the lovely cake that is my makeup corner with two floating shelves to hold my creams and perfumes, I bought a little wire rack from Daiso Japan to place my palettes on (far right corner) and used rubbermaid mini-storage drawers for the excessive amounts of makeup I have. I have a small oval mirror from Ikea in addition to the reversible lighted magnifying mirror which has 5 different light settings. This corner has everything I need to feel beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable. My morning routine here makes me feel as though I can do anything I set my mind to.

Across from my space in the bedroom we share, my hubby has his computer on a desk we just purchased on Saturday, accompanied by a comfortable computer desk-worthy chair. We wanted to get the chair in the white variety but it was unavailable at the time so we just picked up the black one that they had in stock rather than waiting and paying for delivery or going back later. The desk is a good size as it fits his 27-inch mammoth of a monitor and it is sleek enough not to over-encumber our bedroom. You can place the open-framework legs of the desk on either side, we placed ours on the opposite side than what you see in the photo to give the illusion of more space as you walk into our room. The Verner swivel chair is very comfortable, especially for the price, it has wheels that you can roll it around on and it leans backwards an adequate amount. It is a fairly ergonomic chair and does not take up as much room as most computer chairs do. The two drawers of the desk are fairly shallow and are not very capable of holding more than a few papers or assorted computer gadgets (we keep the latter here).
MICKE desk $69

VERNER swivel chair $59.99


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