Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to pop your pimple the right away

This is a controversial topic because you are definitely not supposed to be popping your own pimples, but we still can't help ourselves and I know that my readers do it because I can't help myself, either. It's human nature to touch things we're not supposed to. So I'm going to discuss with you the proper method for doing so, and I feel as though I've gained important insight after much research on the topic. What you will need: a magnifying mirror (so you can get a good look at what you're doing, I prefer 5-10x magnifying), a kleenex, antiseptic wash, cleanser, and your fingers (or someone else's fingers if you can convince someone to do this for you).

For an enflamed zit on the surface of the skin
This is the wrong way to pop your pimples
First, you want to sterilize the area you're about to abuse. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad, makeup cleanser or sanitizer wipes and let it dry. You don't want to do this on top of makeup or on dirty skin because you will just be creating an opportunity for bacteria to re-enter your pore and create more of a pustule than you had in the first place. Afterwards, you should gently exfoliate the skin around and on top of your pimple to gently move the dead skin cells and prepare the area before you go in to extract. You should wrap tissues around your fingers like tiny little finger-mitts because you don't want the bacteria from under your finger nails (and trust me, there is a lot in there) to work its way into the pimple. Pimples are basically havens for dead skin cells, sebum and white blood cells, which to the naked eye just look like the filthy pus we associate with them. Place your index fingers, which should be wrapped in kleenex by now, on either side of your pimple and wiggle the skin towards the pimple and in the opposite direction, pulling away from it. The skin will tear just enough for the pimple to come out, and if not, I just apply a little pressure towards the middle and it comes out completely. Try not to pinch so hard that blood comes out because you will be more likely to develop a scar.Dermatologists suggest that you use benzoyl peroxide as a pimple zapper, but I have first-hand experience with the solution and if you have sensitive skin, it will quickly burn, so I recommend staying away from it unless you have already used it and know that your skin will not be adversely affected.

What to do with your blackheads
Proper method of zit removal

Follow the exact same cleansing and exfoliating techniques mentioned above, also be sure to do a proper finger preparation. Using your bare fingers and nails to press skin together is the absolute worst thing you can be doing for your face because you will break the skin, alter your pore, perhaps even creating a scar, and not necessarily removing the blackhead. The proper way to do it is to place your fingers on either side of the clogged pore and gently pulling the skin apart (away from the blackhead in either direction) and then gently rolling your fingers back together. This will coerce the blackhead to raise itself to the surface, and only then can you gently push your fingers together and extract it on your kleenex. Continue doing this for all of the blackheads you want to remove. Since you have brought bacteria onto the surface of your skin, you will want to use an antiseptic wash or rubbing alcohol to clean the area after you are done.

For those big painful nodules stuck inside the skin
You will either have to wait these out and conceal them with antibacterial concealer, or you will  have to visit a dermatologist to have them zapped. However, there is another method that might work for you. If you take a damp cloth or towel which is warm to hot in temperature, you can place it above the pustule and rub it on top until you see some movement. This make take quite a few minutes or until the next day, but eventually it will come to the surface. Some say that wet and warm green tea bags work in much the same fashion, so you can experiment with them if the towel method isn't working for you. Once the pustule has formed a white head you can use the steps outlined in the first paragraph of this article.

There are old wives' tales about using toothpaste or baking sode to dry out the pimple, but you should stay away from these substances because your skin will release even more oils from the abuse these chemicals cause (and you'll get an even worse break-out). If you've tried everything you can and you simply can't get it out, don't attempt to gouge your fingers into your skin because the abrasive and harsh actions will be painful and unsightly. If you are suffering from acne, you will NOT want to use any of these methods because the reason you're getting pimples isn't as simple as a little dirt trapped inside your pores and you should see a dermatologist rather than cause yourself harm. If a pimple is not ready to go, then don't force it, just cover it up and move on with your day. At the end of the day, it's just a pimple, we all get them all the time, nobody's going to judge you. Own it!

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