Thursday, February 5, 2015

NYX Wonder Stick - Review & Swatches (New Product Alert)

If you haven't checked out the new NYX displays at your local CVS, Beauty Supply Store or ULTA Beauty, you'll be surprised to find the vast array of new Spring 2015 items from the line. There are many additions to the permanent line-up of products and one of those is their 2-in-1 Contouring Stick aptly named the NYX Wonder Stick 

Since contouring is all the rage in the beauty community right now and I have begun incorporating it into my daily makeup routine for the past few months, I figured this would be a fun product to try out and review for you all.

My NYX Wonder Stick is in the shade Light and you can tell straight out of the tube that the highlight is very light and the contour shade is a rather warm reddish brown shade.

The product is extremely creamy and I have found that they perform better when they are set with a powder, especially if you're going to be somewhere warm. I also do not suspect that this would be a great product for oily or combo skinned girls, but I have dry skin so it worked out quite well. If you live in a warm climate, I would be hesitant to order this because it might melt on you, as with most cream-stick products (stick to potted creams if you want them to stay in place!).

The highlight shade leans yellow and not pink, which is perfect for me because I have a neutral to yellow undertone to my skin, but I have heard complaints from others that this appears "shimmery" on them. I have not experienced any excess shine from this product.

The contour shade swatches much more taupe-leaning than I was expecting so I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't appear reddish or orange on my skin, it looks like a very natural shadow.

If you want to create the illusion of a stronger jawline, more chiseled cheeks or even a slimmer nose, or just to add depth and dimension to facial features, read more below for some contouring basics (as well as photos included with this product for a demonstration).

 The basic rules are the same for all skin tones but you can change up where you apply the shadows or highlights depending on what you want to recede (push back) or make more prominent (bring out), respectively.

Colors lighter than skin tone will bring out a feature closer to the fore-front of your face.

Colors darker than skin tone will push back a feature to the back plane of your face.

After applying your foundation and concealer, use the highlight side of the stick on your cheekbones, the middle of your forehead, down the center of your nose, your cupid's beau (between the middle of your upper lip and under the tip of your nose) and slightly above the jawline.

Use the contour side of the stick along your hairline to frame the face, under the cheekbones and down both sides of your nose (for a slimming effect, if desired) and under the jawline and chin.

The NYX Wonder Stick comes in 4 shades, including one Universal shade which the company claims is suitable for all skin tones (I can't verify this claim since I did not purchase this shade).


I think this is a very useful tool if you are new to contouring or you're in a hurry to do your makeup quickly since it's a no-brainer. The staying power of the product is decent but can be improved to last all day if it is set with a similarly colored powder. I found that the lighter shade can accentuate pores, specifically because it is a slightly greasy formula so using a banana-colored powder or mattifying powder to set it is ideal.

The NYX Wonder Stick is $12 (which is on the higher-end for NYX Cosmetics) and depending on daily usage, could probably be used up rather quickly. If I used this product exclusively for my highlighting/contouring routine, I could use it up in a month. I would prefer if this was priced at $9, but you can always get it on sale at ULTA Beauty.

I give this product a 7.5/10 since it is very easy to use, the colors are rather nice and easy to use but given the caveat that you set them with a powder for longer wear-time. It's worth your buy if you don't already have cream contouring products.

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