Monday, November 10, 2014

First Look at Ulta Contour Kit - Review & Swatches

ULTA Contour Kit, Retail Price: $18 USD

Ulta has a new Contour Kit which retails for just $18. This is an affordable dupe of the It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette (it looks almost identical in layout to it) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit . This would make a wonderful Stocking Stuffer or holiday gift to one of your friends/nieces/sisters or just any all-around makeup lover.

Sometimes when I'm using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit I have pangs of guilt in my heart because using it on a daily basis means my favorite shades will run out that much quicker (the pan sizes are smaller)! The ULTA Contour Kit, with its lower price tag, and overall good quality is quickly becoming my go-to daily face palette!

ULTA Contour Kit, Retail Price: $18 USD

Overview & Packaging

When you open the palette up, the powders are covered with a sanitary overlay which is meticulously taped down to the top and bottom of the palette (the great news is that there is no sticky residue when you remove this tape). This palette has a clear window, which is ideal for seeing the colors through the packaging - this is especially important for a makeup hoarder like me that rummages through so much makeup each morning. There's even a super useful guide on the clear front which shows you where to place bronzer, shadows and highlights for contouring.

The one downside to the clear window of the palette is that it makes this palette less than ideal for traveling since the window is rather soft and your powders can get gouged. If you must travel with this palette, I suggest using some cardboard in between the window and the powders before closing it shut to secure your products.

ULTA Contour Kit, Retail Price: $18 USD

What's Inside: Shade Breakdown

You receive two highlighters, one of which is pink-based (Radiance Highlighter) and the other which is yellow-based (Lustre Highlighter). For my complexion, I regularly use yellow-based highlighters because they cancel out the blue undertones in my under-eye circles and even camouflage rosacea (redness). Both of the highlights have a shimmer finish.

The Kit comes with a whopping four matte bronzers, yowza, one to match every skin-tone! There's a light golden bronze (Warmth Bronzer), a medium bronzer (Golden Bronzer), an orange-based bronzer (Bombshell Bronzer), and a cooler, taupe-leaning deep dark bronzer (Goddess Bronzer). I love that they are all matte bronzers and the you can choose the right color for your current complexion, no matter how light or dark you may be.

Swatches of ULTA Contour Kit

Swatch Quality

The matte shades all swatch very evenly, though I do have to admit that there was some powderiness to all of these shades, with some chalkiness being apparent in the Goddess Bronzer.

The shimmer shades feel the same to the touch but swatch more unevenly, the shimmer bits almost seem to separate from the rest of the base color when they are spread out. This isn't necessarily unusual for shimmery shades, but it is more apparent in this palette than in higher-end brands. I'm a little bit disappointed that the shimmer seems to disappear if you blend out the highlighter and doesn't remain as prominent on the face.


This palette has a Goddess Bronzer which is darker than any found in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, and also has Lustre Highlighter which is a shimmery version of Banana from Anastasia's palette. The Radiance Highlighter is very similar to Sand from the Anastasia palette because it is a shimmery light pink illuminating shade.

The palette even contains one double-sided Get The Look card, explaining how to use the contouring shades and even suggesting ones to use for light and medium skin tones. I'm a little disappointed they only included these 2 skin-tones since there are olive and dark complexions as well. Of course, I always deviate from cards and suggest everyone just choose which shades appeal to them most!


ULTA got a lot of things right in this palette, it's light-weight and functional, shows the names of the products clearly and has them laid out in a logical manner. The shade curation was masterful and there's something everyone can love about this palette. The only critiques I have are about the durability of product packaging during travel and the way the shimmer disappears when the highlight shades are blended. Overall, I really think this is a great buy, especially if you can use any one of the promotional codes that ULTA sends out.

If you'd like to see more comparisons of this palette against others, leave me a message below and I'd be happy to work on those for you! I hope this review helps out because when I was purchasing this online I didn't see any reviews of it anywhere and it was really scary being the guinea pig, but I'm so glad I took the plunge!


  1. I was really curious about this palette. Thanks for a great review!

  2. It reminds me of the it cosmetics co tour kit a lot. But I actually find the colors of the ulta one more flattering. I definitely need to pick this up!


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