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Urban Decay Holiday 2014 Sets (Vice 3, Vice LTD, 24/7 Eye-Liner Pencils, Revolution Lipsticks and more!)

Urban Decay - Vice 3 Palette - Holiday 2014 (Limited Edition)
Urban Decay - Vice LTD Palette - Holiday 2014 Sephora Exclusive (Very Limited Edition)

VICE 3 versus VICE LTD

Can we just start off this post with the massive controversy about the two *separate* versions of the Vice palette which were released for Holiday 2014? One was the regular Vice 3 and the other was a Sephora VIB Rouge-only special called the Vice LTD - now this latter one must have sold out in 30 minutes and bloggers/forums have been up-in-arms about it ever since.

Now you can see from the above photos that there are similar colors in these palettes, but all of them are supposedly brand new shades from Urban Decay. While I don't think you would need *both* of these palettes, if you're a collector you might want to try to get your hands on both (good luck!). Personally, the purples and pinks in the Vice LTD appeal to me, so I would rather have that one, so I hope that it gets re-released in a larger quantity closer to the holidays. Both palettes seem to have satin mattes and shimmer shades, but they are predominantly shimmer palettes. Both palettes retail for $60 at Sephora. You also receive a free matching bag with this purchase.

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set (Limited Edition)

Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set

This is a cute mini lipstick set with 6 shades of Revolution Lipstick and it includes a full-sized 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Ozone (Clear), this set retails for $39. I love the idea of this set because you can experiment with various shades of lipstick rather than having to commit to one. The amount in each mini lipstick is 1g compared to the 2.8g of each full-sized Revolution lipstick, so you're getting about 36% or roughly one-third of a full lipstick with each sample. I'm also really impressed that they included a 24/7 lip liner which is full sized, regular retail price is $20, and in a clear shade. You may be wondering why they included a clear shade, but the reasoning is very intelligent and practical: you can use this under any color of lipstick and since you are receiving a variety of nudes, pinks and reds, you can use it underneath to prevent feathering since they are very intensely pigmented and can tend to bleed since they are very smooth.

I have to admit that this set is probably my favorite unique concept Urban Decay has come out with in a while.
 in color
Urban Decay - TEN 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set - Holiday 2014 (Limited Edition)

TEN 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set

This set boasts a variety of 10 different-colored 24-7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (for which Urban Decay is famous for since they have beautiful pigmentation and glide on smoothly without tugging at your eyes) for $52 and a Grindhouse dual-pencil sharpener. This set is a steal since each eye-liner from Urban Decay retails for $20!

You receive one full-sized Perversion Eye Pencil (this is an intense black matte which is great for the waterline) and 9 travel sized pencils in various shades ranging from pink, teal, neutrals, gold and purple. The travel sized pencils are exactly two-thirds the size of a full-sized product so they will last you a long time. This is my favorite eyeliner set Urban Decay has released in the past few years for the Holidays.
 in color Black Magic
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil Set - Holiday 2014 (Limited Edition)

BLACK MAGIC 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil Set

Now you may be asking yourself "Wait, Didn't I just see an eye pencil set from Urban Decay for the holidays???" and the answer is: Yes, they decided to release 2 options. I think this is because the first set featured was a more adventurous color selection and the Black Magic Set is a lower-priced, darker and more conventional set. So naturally, I'm not so much of a fan of this one because I can easily dupe these colors in my collection.

It's worth noting that this set does NOT come with a Grindhouse Dual-Ended Pencil Sharpener, and there are no full (1.2g)or travel-sized liners (0.8g), but they are less than half of a full size (0.5g) or 42% of the size exactly. You receive 8 colors in this set and the black featured is the 24/7 Black Velvet pencil (this is a smoky black that definitely smudges off the waterline and is best used as a base for a smoky eye since it has to be "set" with a powder to stay put). The greatest range of color you will receive is a darker charcoal, a glittery teal and a metallic purple with more blacks and browns sprinkled in. I'm really not jazzed about the value of this set or the variety you're receiving.

Naked Illuminated in Aura

NAKED ILLUMINATED in Aura Shimmering Powder For Face and Body

This is a finely milled, baked powder highlighter in a soft peachy pink shade which was just released but is not listed as being Limited Edition, so this is probably part of their permanent collection. This retails for $29 but can be used for your face or body and could add a nice touch of shimmer for the holiday season.

All Nigter Makeup Setting Spray Duo

ALL NIGHTER Makeup Setting Spray Duo

Urban Decay also released a $39 duo bundle of their Makeup Setting Spray, which is a fantastic deal if you love their setting spray because a single All Nighter will set you back $30, so for another $9, you receive 2! This doesn't seem like a holiday-specific deal as I can't find "Limited Edition" on it anywhere on the Urban Decay website.

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