Sunday, July 20, 2014

Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow - Canyon Classics

The Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow Quads always receive rave reviews and, after hearing and reading about them for so long, I finally caved and purchased one in "Canyon Classics" from Ulta. These seem, upon first glance and swatch, to be good dupes for some of the colors of the Naked Basics palette (specifically W.O.S., Naked 2, and Faint).

I am very impressed with the buttery smoothness of this palette and the richness of its pigmentation. Matte eyeshadows are difficult to formulate and are generally known to be more chalky than their shimmer counter-parts due to the finish. 

A matte eyeshadow typically has high color payoff and always consists of a no-shine matte finish. These are generally thought of as being chalky (dry, powdery and patchy) so they should be used with a good base and packed on the eye area with a dense flat brush - when used properly these can give a flawless, airbrushed look!

These eyeshadows were of much higher quality than their $6.99 price tag, and I would definitely encourage the usage of these over the Naked Basics palette or other neutral palettes if you are on a budget - they appear to be very finely milled and therefore you won't experience much flaking or chalkiness, and I noticed no patches either.

The Matte Collection eyeshadow quads are also available in 2 other color variations, Classic Nudes and Quartz Quartet. 
Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow Quad - Classic Nudes
Compared to the Canyon Classics collection I reviewed above, the Classic Nudes is warmer toned with more rust-tones and Quartz Quartet is cooler toned, featuring mauves and violets.

Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow Quad - Quartz Quartet

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