Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Urban Decay Clearance Goodies

I wanted to quickly share some clearance items I picked up from the Urban Decay sale section. If you didn't know about this portion of Urban Decay's website, I highly encourage you to check it out frequently as things do become available pretty regularly when they are phasing out old favorites or formulations.

I was able to get my hands on Urban Decay's new formulation of Grifter (light violet) eyeshadow (reduced to $6 from $18) as well as two lip junkie lipglosses (reduced to $5 from $19). The lip junkie glosses I purchased are in the colors Love Junkie and Naked.

The new Grifter formulation has much less overt glitter and fall-out and is much more buttery smooth. This happens to be my absolute favorite color in the range of Urban Decay eyeshadows (I first fell in love with this when I received their Alice in Wonderland palette as a gift). 

Although, you can tell from the above photos, the Love Junkie and Naked lipglosses look vastly different in the packaging, when they are swatched or applied, there is not a huge difference. They are both sheer and buildable colors and although Love Junkie leans more maroon and Naked is a tad orangey, they really do give a similar effect... they also taste minty and feel slightly plumping.

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