Friday, June 6, 2014

First Impressions: NYX Hot Single Eyeshadows

Today I received my order from the NYX website (this is the first time I've ever ordered anything from them) and I was so surprised at the great deals and variety they had! I didn't even know NYX made SO many products, even Ricky's near me don't carry nearly the entire line. I read many reviews and recommendations for the new Hot Single Eyeshadows. I also found great discount codes online and they stacked with the memorial sale, so I managed to purchase quite a lot of things and get free shipping, a bonus free product, and a great price! 

I was eager to do a quick first impressions of these since I haven't had time to actually use them (though I'm sure I'll do some Eyes of the Day posts with these). 

As you can tell, the eyeshadows look very pigmented in their cute packaging, complete with bow-clasp. They are such a delight in their packaging that I don't even want to depot them (I had originally purchased them with this intention)

The swatches of these shades are absolutely beautiful. All of these colors were only swatched once. 

  • They all have a satin finish except for Tweed which is a medium to deep matte brown (perfect crease or definition color). 
  • Club Crawl is a duochrome taupe shade with golden reflects. 
  • Flustered is a deep reddish copper, again another shade I would think is great crease shade paired with something lighter or darker on the lid. 
  • Sex Kitten is a duochrome pink-based champagne with gold reflects (amazing for an all-over lid color or inner corner highlight). 
  • Harlequin is a vivid violet fuchsia that is delightful for a very feminine look. 
  • Dank is a yellow-leaning medium green which reminds me a lot of a shade in between MAC's Swimming and Lucky Green. 

I posted photos of the NYX website color previews and most colors looked darker in the pictured pot than what I received. I found that the truest to color were Flustered (copper) and Dank (green), Tweed (brown) appears lighter and Sex Kitten (champagne), Harlequin (purple) and Club Crawl (taupe) appear darker in the pot.

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