Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Get the Barbie High Ponytail

I've always wanted to get my hair to look voluminous and have a high ponytail but it never seemed to work out and my hair would always flop down into a sad, droopy donkey's tail. There's a quick and easy way to achieve that dramatic volume without much work at all! All you're going to need for this very simple tutorial is two no-damage elastics of your choice (I prefer to use ones that won't tug my hair out when it's time to take them out) but you may want to choose ones which are close to your hair color. You're also going to need a teasing comb, or if you don't have a comb, a brush will work fine as well, you just will not be able to back comb your hair for extra volume.
Here are the steps to achieving a Barbie-rrific glamorous look!

1. Section the front "crown" of your hair away from your face and tie it down into a messy bun
2. Take the back section of your hair and comb it out, add curls for extra volume and backcomb it for even more volume.
3. Tie the back section of your hair into a high ponytail with your first no-damage elastic hair band (the higher, the more it will look like Barbie's!)

4. Comb the front section of your hair down, have it frame your face however you would like or you can just pull it back tightly
5. Smooth it out and wrap it around your pony tail to create a large bun OR if you're not looking for a bun-pony you can just pull it tightly around your existing ponytail and tie down the second "shell" of hair around your first pony.
6. Tie down your outer pony on top of your inner pony, the extra elastic will add some volume but it will also let you achieve a more precise high pony if you're only focusing on smoothing out the front rather than also worrying about where you're tying it down.

Then you will have a beautiful high ponytail. The most flattering placement of the pony is directly in line with your cheekbones, upwards from the hollow underneath them. This is the easiest way to achieve a high pony because you don't have to worry about your fly-aways as you're trying to tie it down, basically the "inner ponytail" acts as a base or guideline for your finished, polished "external ponytail". Trust me if you follow these very simple steps, they will change you ponytail routine! Happy ponying! 

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