Thursday, March 8, 2012

How To Make An Old Sweater Look New

Do you have sweaters that you love but they just pill and create those unpleasant little flakes of fabric that stick together in little balls all under your armpits and sides, or wherever your clothes get the most wear and tear? Well, I've found a simple solution for you and it requires only a razor! That's right, a razor! Make sure you've washed your sweater (frequent washes can also cause the fabric pilling too). You can use a sweater stone or an electric fabric shaver which can be found on Amazon and I've linked below, but the simplest method to use is just a simple clean razor, preferably with not too many sharp blades but around 3 blades is fine.

You'll want to lay your sweater down on a flat surface such as a table and make sure you do one section at a time. You don't want to dig your razor into the sweater but rather gently stroke the fabric the way you would shave your face or legs. This will remove the pilling fabric and make your sweater look like new, regardless of how many pieces of lint-like fabric are on it. Shaving your sweater will not make holes in it, nor will it ruin your sweater in any way, you can do this safely at home. As long as you have a gentle touch and patience, you can go through this with sweaters, sweaterdresses, or anything knitted as well. Happy de-pilling, everyone!

If your sweater looks like this there is a simple solution to have it looking brand new again! Use a razor!

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