Monday, January 2, 2012

Using lip pencils as eyeliner

If you find that the formulation of a lip pencil is similar to your eyeliner, you can substitute your lipliner (given that it is in a neutral shade and not some bright red or pink unless you're going for a punk look) as an eyeliner. If the chosen color is too red, you will end up looking rather sickly unless you pair it with a brown or black shade closer to the whites of your eyes.

MAC lip pencils, such as Chestnut or Cork, can be very neutral and lend themselves to doing double duty as eye and lip liners quite well. They are creamy but hard enough so that they won't fall off your waterline (just above your lower eyelashes).

I came across this quirky idea when I walked into a MAC store and was looking for a lighter-toned eye pencil that was neutral and not bronze, but was different enough from Teddy and Coffee, which I already own. 'Lo and behold I see Cork and I didn't even realize that it was a lip pencil at first, but I purchased it regardless because it seems to be made of the same minerals and chemicals as their eye pencils and it was such a beautiful color.

MAC's Lip liner in 'Cork'

Normally, I would err on the side of caution when it comes to using products that are intended for one part of your body on another part of your body, specifically the eyes. However, this is a rare exception, because MAC is a well renowned company with amazing quality products and make-up products for your face tend to have the same ingredients in them regardless of whether they are for your cheeks, eyes, lips, or all over your face.

Many makeup companies make all-over color sticks which can be applied anywhere you'd like. If you think you will be irritated by it because your eyes are sensitive, simply apply the color on the area outside of your eyelashes and that should be protective enough so that you won't have any adverse effects.

Try to steer clear of anything that's waterproof or a 'stain' for your lips because these might stain your eyelid and could make it look diseased. If you invest your time and money into good makeup and are careful about what you're doing, this is a substitute that can be made easily using the right products, obviously don't put anything from the dollar-store or unknown brands on your eyes.

Also, make sure that the lip pencil that you are using isn't too pointed and hard because you can harm the sensitive skin of your eyes, go for a creamier, smooth consistency pencil. Always try these out on your hand and other parts of your body before you attempt to put them near the delicate skin around your eyes. Lip pencils are also very good for filling-in your eyebrows, so you really don't have to be limited by specific products in your color selection process.

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