Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jessica Simpson Collection Review

What can you say about Jessica Simpson? People have plenty of opinions about her weight, singing and acting talent, and the things she says. But one thing nobody can debate is her business acumen. Her fashion empire has an estimated value of upwards of $1 billion, yes that's right, you read that number correctly. She started in hair extensions with Ken Paves (her celebrity hairstylist friend) and her company Hairdo skyrocketed to the top of the faux-hair industry. Due to her loyal following and quality products at reasonable prices, she admirably decided to begin her own fashion line. The first thing I purchased from her line (which was still in its infancy 5 years ago or so and producing only handbags and shoes) was the black 'Kaptiva' leather riding boots. These are absolutely stunning in person, the heel is the perfect length (not insanely high, perfectly wearable) they stretch in the calf right where I need it most and have a touch of trend with two silver buckle details.

For my birthday last year, I received this dress as a gift from my mother and her best friend and I am thrilled with the quality and style of it. It's a black and white color-block dress like none I've seen before, which has a slimming effect and futuristic appeal. The fabric is soft, it is properly lined and the overall quality is very high, I was pleasantly surprised with every one of the dresses I tried on by her (another one was a black sequined tunic that felt like a dream). At the mall, I was also enamored by her quality, interesting purses and fashion corsets which had beautiful bodices but were not over-the-top revealing. Either Jessica Simpson has impeccable taste or she has a wonderful team of designers working alongside her, or both. I think I would love to own any piece of jewelry from her collection, I haven't seen anything I wouldn't wear and I'm even completely amazed by the chain-wrapped jewelry collection she made consisting  of a necklace, earrings and bracelet.

Many of her pieces appear to be of superior product quality, the line doesn't cheap out on fabric or leave the hems with lackluster finishing. The selection of handbags and shoes is sure to please everybody, she seems to try to cater to a wide market. Her clothing is also made with her body figure in mind and I'm very thankful for that. It's very difficult to find clothes as a curvy woman, but she makes searching for the perfect ensemble very easy for all shapes and sizes. Her clothing comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes which are always classically fitting and flattering, even though she plays with color and patterns in the right way. The Jessica Simpson collection takes risks in all the right places, and it pays off in spades.  Unlike other celebrity lines, such as K-Dash by the Kardashians, her taste and style level does not disappoint, neither does the attention to detail and craftsmanship. So whatever her critics may have to say about her, they can not deny that she has proven herself to be a style icon, not because of the way she dresses herself but because of the way she is able to dress women of all shapes and sizes. It's refreshing to finally see a designer that is concerned with the way we all look, as opposed to ones that are only interested in dressing size 0 models. I'm going to keep purchasing from her collection, from the fabulous fashion tights she creates, to the shoes, and overall clothing collection, the price point is right and the quality is far superior to anything else in that price range. It reflects a style that is enduring and can be worn many years in the future, as opposed to the disposable clothing from many stores nowadays. 

Happy shopping!

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