Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashionista on a Budget, Episode 2

During one of my many leisurely strolls through downtown's shopping district, I came across an adorable store called Romy. I'll admit their website leaves much... well, really everything to the imagination, but the store is filled with cutesy dresses and to my surprise was stocked up on sweater-dresses for the season. I hadn't planned on purchasing anything but the prices in here are so phenomenal that I managed to get all of these items for $50.

These may not look like much on hangers but they're flattering on the figure, comfortable, and warm for those fall/winter months. The burgundy-wine cowl-neck dress  is especially so, it hits around the knee (if you're 5'4 like me), as does the black one. The burgundy dress is made of a wool-blend fabric, while the black one on the right is a knit cotton with knitted detail. They both have that feminine baby-doll fit which is what draws me to the store, because almost all of their dresses have the exact same shape.

I know you may be wondering when you see the belt that I purchased if this is not too similar to the one I had bought in the previous entry about the Urban Outfitters haul, well.... it is, it really is. The only logical explanation I have is that this belt happened to be $3, how could I say no??? How can anybody say no? Plus, I'm a sucker for bows and shiny things.

Lastly, because I had spent $50 with the previous items, I received a free $10 giftcard which I promptly used towards the purchase of this scarf (which happened to conveniently be $10). I needed this scarf because it's extremely warm and it's a cotton knit fabric, it's exceptionally crafted for how cheap it is.

So, in conclusion, thank-you Romy, I will definitely be back for more inexpensive seasonal clothing. The ladies who worked here were exceptionally friendly and attentive. The store also has a variety of cute accessories (headbands, earrings, etc) that don't require you reach too deep into your pockets.

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