Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Y.A. Romance: So Damn Beautiful

I'm so excited to share "So Damn Beautiful" by L.J. Kennedy with you guys! I've read numerous romance/erotic stories and this one definitely stands out!

The whole novel was very picturesque, I could always see what was going on in the back of my mind's eye. In my opinion, any novel that you can't really visualize isn't worth your time or energy. "So Damn Beautiful" was full of thrills, longing, and tension, it's really a love story that has me as riveted as "The Notebook". The big difference, however, is that this novel is set in the present day and I had a much easier time relating to the characters and places.

Here's a quick synopsis from the author:

In this stunning New Adult romance novel, good girl Annie Green meets tortured graffiti artist Chase Adams and is swept up in the gritty, thrilling world of New York’s underground street scene…   
Studious NYU art major Annie Green is laser-focused on one day becoming a curator at the Louvre in Paris. Then she meets brooding graffiti artist Chase Adams, the hottest thing in New York’s burgeoning street scene – and also the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen. Not that such things matter to Chase. He just wants to be left alone to create. 
When Annie manages to convince Chase to work with her on a major NYU art retrospective, their connection is intense and undeniable, as Chase challenges everything Annie thought she knew about art, life…and love. Slowly, he begins to trust again and reveal the truth about his past. But when Annie is pursued by the privileged president of the fraternity – someone who clearly offers Annie much more than him – Chase begins a dangerous descent into darkness. Annie must decide between her head and her heart, and choosing wrongly could shatter them both to the very core forever… 
***This is a New Adult romance novel. Recommended for 17+ due to strong language and sexual content.

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Let me know if you've read this book and what your thoughts are!

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