Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luvocracy: Pinterest + Shopping in One


You may have heard the name fluttering about the past few months, but what is it? Luvocracy is essentially the same thing as Pinterest but far better in the sense that it lets you purchase what you want directly through clicking on a photo of the item "luv'ed". I'll admit it took me a little while to get on the bandwagon, but it's such a useful tool! I think it would be great for holiday shopping and really has the added functionally (but not yet the population) lacking in Pinterest.
Now an interesting thing that I noticed is when I was looking through the website but did not have an account it was only showing me beauty posts from on poster (Ingrid Nielson aka MissGlamorazzi on YouTube) but then once I signed up for an account, it showed me plenty of other users, so I suppose they're just not sharing other user's login names unless you are also a user, which makes sense for privacy reasons. 

My only qualm with this is that at first, the site seems barren so some people might be reluctant to sign up since they do not see a variety of posts from multiple users. However, let me reassure you that once you sign up, other posts become available! I was so relieved to see that the website is indeed populated with like-minded individuals that I can share my love of makeup, fashion and home decor with!

On Luvocracy, it's retailers and users who benefit from the shopping setup. It's simple, rewards come in the form of money off pending purchases or royalty checks. You can earn rewards when you refer friends or when they make purchases, you earn 2% of all referral purchases but this only lasts for your 1st year of membership. However, if someone buys something you recommended by pinning it yourself, you earn 2% of those purchases and this is permanent. But for every degree removed you are from the person who generates the sale, your royalty is halved. So if I refer something and someone else refers it after me and then it is purchased from that person, I will make 1% rather than 2%.

So these added perks are something to consider because you can essentially be pinning items while you're at work, on-the-go, or as a full-time job. Luvocracy really takes out the middle man which most affiliate programs make you deal with and increases the transparency of how you make money and what amount of money it will be.

The best part is you can even download a simple button for your browser and as you're looking through things you may like, just click it at add it to our collections! You even start out with a $10.00 shopping credit!

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