Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jessica Simpson Collection Spring Jewelry Line

As you may have read in a previous post from November, I'm a huge fan of the Jessica Simpson Collection because of the attention to detail and sheer ease of casual beauty imbued within each of her pieces. Now, I have stumbled across her new Spring jewelry collection and am absolutely in awe. Rarely is there a new piece of jewelry or style that I adore because, as some of you may already know, I design my own jewelry (and a website selling some items is pending). That being said, it takes a lot to impress me and this time she's hit the nail on the head with a beautiful collection inspired by lace, but not the kind of lace that is actually made of fabric, but rather made of metals like bronze and silver. I find the contrast between that daintiness of the lace design and roughness of the metal to be sheer genius. Her whole collection can be viewed at the Jessica Simpson Collection Website.

I can't even find this bracelet on the Jessica Simpson Collection website, but I found it on Amazon and it's absolutely stunning, definitely a statement piece for a little black dress or summer-inspired outfit. I love the marriage of stamped gold that is made to look like it is completely wire wrapped and the sculpted enamel flowers with pearl appliques. The shape that fans out resembles a golden butterfly emerging beautifully from your wrist.
LOVE LACE GOLD CUFF - Retails for $58 at, link where to buy it posted below
There are a few pairs of earrings in the collection that would pair very well with this piece and they are below. The first pair is what absolutely just caught my eye out of the whole collection first because the organic shape of the metal and delicate curves paired with the drop pearls are phenomenal. I imagine that these would be flattering on everybody since they are not very long or very short, but rather 'just right'. Even the hook of the earring has a pearl detail for a little bit of extra pizzazz.
If you're into long dangle earrings, then this might be right right pair for you because the enamel and metal flowers tie in directly with the cuff, giving an air of elegance and femininity. These are the perfect accessory for a beautiful sunny day (hopefully we'll get a lot of those soon!). With jewelry this beautiful you don't even need to wear rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces all at the same time, you could get away with wearing just a cuff and earrings and be extremely chic.

If you're dying for the perfect necklace to match the earrings above, her collection has that also. Kudos to Jessica and her team for thinking of everything and pulling off a complete collection that can be worn mixed an matched with separate pieces. 
LOVE LACE GOLD LONG PENDANT - Retails for $48 on
I can't wait to see her Spring/Summer clothing line because this jewelry collection has definitely gotten my whetted my appetite for her classic feminine beauty style. I love the philosophy of the company to always flatter and enhance natural beauty, it definitely fits my own lifestyle! There's much more to see of the collection so I encourage you to explore her collection further because I can't list all of the beautiful things on here! The jewelry I posted also comes in silver so if you're not a fan of gold then you have the option of going with silver but I personally love the antiquity of the gold.


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