Friday, December 16, 2011

Festive Holiday Look - Emerald Green Peacock

For the holidays this year, many people will be tempted to pair red and green together for a merry and festive ensemble. However, I urge you not to simply combine those two extremely different colors together, without incorporating a neutral: brown, for example. If you add brown to red you would get burgundy and this color is far more complementary to emerald or pine green than a simple fire-truck red will ever be. I've created this inexpensive outfit for the holiday season. This beautiful Dorothy Perkins dress can be found for only $27 on her website. I added a touch of peacock accent with this super cheap shawl ($19 from and Lucky Brand earrings for $42. I love the way the Luisa Viaroma high heeled booties look with the rest of the peacock-themed accessories, but I absolutely loathe their price. So for those of us who don't have pockets that deep, I recommend the burgundy boots by Roberto Vianni for $110, or any boots you can find in a burgundy color. I would pair this with some simple brown fish net stockings that flatter your legs and a cute $7 H&M hat (which I personally own) to shield you from snow and rain, but also to make you look cool like Indiana Jones. The hat doesn't come with a peacock feather, as shown, but you can put any craft-store peacock feather inside the bow yourself and spruce up your hat!
Emerald Green Peacock

Dorothy Perkins pencil dress
$27 -

Roberto Vianni burgundy boots
£71 -

High heel boots
€739 -

Lucky Brand drop earrings
$42 -

H M feather hat
£6.49 -

Kismet peacock shawl
$19 -

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