Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cosmetics Consumer Conspiracies

The cosmetics industry has long been shrouded in mystery, making up false pseudo-scientific reports for their products, not releasing any of their testing information to the public, and hocking up the price of simple cosmetics that could literally be made in your own home. If you look at the product labels you will see many compounds that you don't necessarily recognize even if you've taken high-level Biochemistry courses and have similar academia qualifications. There have been accusations and fines for almost all of the cosmetics manufacturers (Sephora and L'Oreal to name a few) for price fixing after secret meetings. Apparently, these companies have always been monopolizing the market to their advantage, so that private-label household brands stand no chance in the multibillion dollar industry.

If you want to know what poison the cosmetics industry is pouring into the majority of your products and calling them 'cosmetic grade' (in that they won't kill you if you use them) you can check out the list of 12 chemicals used that will adversely harm your skin, promote aging and are carcinogenic agents. If your cosmetics claim that they are organic, you should look at the ingredients list on the back of the product, because I can almost guarantee you that these products are not organic. Just because something is 'Certified Organic' does not mean the entire product is, it means that some of the ingredients used in the product are organic compounds, these will usually have asterisks by the name. At the very bottom in fine print you will see that the asterisk means that only those products are organic. It is very important when purchasing products that you read between the lines and pay attention to the fine print. The cosmetics industry is preying on the fact that the majority of their consumers are not educated in that specific field and/or don't care about what the products are made out of. You don't need to have a degree in Chemistry to see strange long-winded chemical names that you don't recognize and wonder what they're doing to your skin and body.

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It's a big let down to know that companies are trying to fool consumers so if you have any doubts or questions you should call up your favorite cosmetics companies and ask about their products and practices. They have a responsibility to be honest with their consumers and if you find that they are beating around the bush or being dishonest and have a history of bad practices you may want to consider switching brands. If you're unsure where to start, ry Vermont Soap Organics products, for example, because they are completely open about their ingredients and even have a page on their website dedicated to listing all of the ingredients in every product. If you see that a cosmetic has a 'USDA grade' label on it, then you know you're dealing with a product that is good enough for your body as determined by the Food and Drug Administration because 'USDA grade' means that it is good enough for human consumption (these are the guildelines used to determine whether something is healthy to eat!). The factory where these products come from must be an Organic Processor factory that is legalized to make these products with federal certification in the United States.

Keep in mind that without fragrance enhancers and chemical oils, naturally made products will not be as potent in their overall appearance and smell as those jam-packed with inorganic compounds. Changing to an all-natural, healthy skincare routine may take some getting used to, but it's definitely worth saving your skin from the risks of drying out, cancer, and oil imbalance. Also, if you think you are purchasing products that are hypoallergenic, you must keep in mind that this only means that there are less allergic compounds in that product compared to others, but it does not mean that there are no allergic products. There is no federal regulation for products that controls the amount of allergens found so these labels are purely introduced by the manufacturer. Make sure you know what it is you are allergic to by going to your doctor and then look out for those ingredients in everything you buy and stay away from them.

Until next time, stay beautiful and healthy everybody!!

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