Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fashionista on a Budget

In an economy like this, how can you still buy yourself things and not break the bank? It's simple, just bargain hunt. No, I don't mean go to thrift stores, or consignment shops and buy things at drastically reduced prices because others have worn them. There are perfectly brand new stylish clothes that are on-trend in stores near you that you can definitely afford! I'll be bargain-hunting for you and I'll tell you all the best sales I come across!

Recently, I visited Urban Outfitters (who are usually charging a pretty penny for their frocks) and discovered their AMAZING, but usually hidden, sales rack! It's usually on the upper floor of their multi-level stores and they will occasionally have '50% off all sale items' promotions. I did notice that these sales are not advertised online, so you will have to visit a store near you to get this promotion. I purchased some of the most delicious Navajo-inspired tanks, a bow belt, and tights for amounts you would be surprised at.

Firstly, the cute belt that I didn't *need* but was drawn to purchase at it's measly $5.00.

Then, this set of tank-tops, of which for all three I paid $20.00

I purchased two cardigans, one in black and the other in tan, for $29 and $10 respectively. Each one is worth more than the sum of both, and they are great quality pieces which are great for a casual day or a fancy night out.

Lastly, two pairs of skinny jeans (the black ones are stretchy and fabulous) for $10.00 each!! I didn't post any photos because they were boring, unadventurous and simple. Might I add they were originally $69? Why would anyone ever pay that much??

One caveat is that you have to arrive early. When things get put on sale, you want to be there at the opening hour of Monday if you expect to get these sales. I've gone other times and had no luck with the sales rack, because you won't find your size, unless you're lucky enough to be an XS or XL. Here's their website

Stay tuned for more great deals!

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  1. i love everything and i have a feeling that another alex i know would go crazy for those tops. they are fabulous!!! great bargain shopping and such a great idea. cant wait to see more things you get cause i have a a feeling you are going to scour shops for amazing bargains.


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