Friday, September 19, 2014

Too Faced Everything Nice: Eyes of the Day Look

Too Faced - Everything Nice Night-time Look - Ambient Lighting
I just couldn't wait to create a look with the Too Faced Everything Nice palette I reviewed yesterday, so today I decided to achieve this Night-time look with quite a few of the colors in the palette. I also started this out with a Daytime look for those of you who are into a more subtle eyeshadow application. I'll show you which colors I used from the palette to create this look.

Too Faced - Everything Nice Daytime Look - Natural Lighting
For the daytime look, I kept it simple and classy, appropriate for work and not too dramatic, this is why I skipped out on using a black eyeliner and just applied mascara (in this case I used L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara). I did not apply any makeup to my lower lash line - I usually avoid doing this in the daytime because if there is a good amount of sunshine, it can be irritating to my eyes and I can tear up, causing makeup to smear.

First, I used Dream On in my crease in a sweeping motion, to create the backdrop for my crease shade.
Then I used Be You as my crease shade in a more precise usage than Dream OnAll Over You was applied all over the lid and blended into my crease shade. Turtle Dove was applied to feature out my crease transition as a browbone highlight, right under my eyebrows. Secret Lovers was applied to the outer corner of my eyelid in a V-shape to create a 3D effect.

Too Faced - Everything Nice Night-time Look - Natural Lighting
 For Night-time, I wanted to vamp up the look and really pump it up full of saturated colors, since the lighting becomes more dim, I wanted the colors to really pop and stand on their own.

Too Faced - Everything Nice Night-time Look - Natural Lighting
You can see that my basic look is the same as the Daytime look because I essentially just built on from there, adding on top. Another big difference is the addition of liquid eyeliner at the very end and layering it with Chocolate Moon to get a sparkly slightly smoked out, fully opaque effect. 

I added Too Glam to the inner third of my lower lash line and Head Over Heels to the outer third (be careful with this shade because the large glitter particles can hurt your eyes if you don't stick to the outer edge of your lashes). I warmed up my crease color to by adding more pink to the transition shade using Kindness is Free with a very light hand. Then I took this same shade and went in a large V-shape below the outer third of my bottom lash line for continuity and so there is no harsh break between my skin and the dark navy blue (Head Over Heels).

Too Faced - Everything Nice Night-time Look - Ambient Lighting

 Hope you guys enjoy these looks and I'll try to use the other shades from the Everything Nice Set an upcoming Eyes of the Day post! If you're interested, you can purchase it at Sephora.

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