Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Review: Victoria's Secret Metallized Eye Shadow & Eye Shadow Duo

I walked into a mall a couple of weeks ago and came across the Victoria's Secret VS Makeup Clearance section. Now, I know VS discontinued their makeup line but I'm sure you can still find these online and in select stores where they haven't yet cleared out. I purchased mine at the reduced price of $3.75-$4.00 each (I believe they were 75% off).

I did have high expectations for these shadows because, although I hadn't tested them myself, I have read many beauty blogs that claim that VS makeup was phenomenal and it's an absolute tragedy they have stopped producing it. They... were... right!

I managed to get my hands on an Eye Shadow Duo in "Flirty & Fierce" and Metallized Eye Shadows in "Buzz", "Major" and "Gold Card".  The honeycomb pattern and finish on the Metallized Eye Shadows reminded me of the MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadows and I was very intrigued.

These shadows are absolutely huge with the Metallized Eye Shadows being 3.5g/.12oz and the Eye Shadow Duo being 3.2g/.11oz (which is strange because it appears so much larger!) whereas a single pressed MAC eyeshadow is only 0.05oz. The Metallized Eye Shadows are 2.4x the size of a MAC eyeshadow and the Eye Shadow Duo is 2.2x the size!!! Talk about getting a great bang for your buck.

I was so thrilled with the pigmentation of these, specifically the smooth texture and buttery finish of the Metallized Eye Shadows (Buzz, Major and Gold Card). The only downside to the Eye Shadow Duo (Flirty & Fierce) was that the glitter can be a little chunky and therefore causes the texture of the overall eye shadow to suffer.

If you can manage to snag these shadows, do yourself a favor and get them! You'll be so thrilled, especially if you can find the Metallized Eye Shadows! My absolute favorite color is Buzz because it looks like a burgundy, mauve brown and I think it's incredibly versatile for an all-over wash of color or as a crease shade.

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