Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Tutorial

Have you ever seen a nail polish color on TV or on someone else that you really liked? And yet you haven't been able to find that shade and purchase it? Or are you just sick and tired of paying $10-$20 for a decent nail polish. Here's a quick way to make your own colors... the possibilities are limitless!

This tutorial might be just the thing you need to spruce up your hallowe'en look this year, too!

You'll only need some very basic materials:

  1. clear nail polish or top coat (preferably one that you like and has staying power for best results)
  2. eyeshadow color you really love (or more! You can mix these together for unique color combinations) - this can be a pigment or just an eyeshadow in a pan/palette
  3. empty container (optional) - this is only if you're making smaller quantities and you don't want to use your entire clear nail polish for one DIY color
  4. toothpick
  5. funnel made from a rolled up piece of paper and taped together

Steps to Making Your Very Own Nail Polish!

  1. First gather all of your supplies.
  2. Use your toothpick to pick off some of the nail polish you have and mix different colors together to achieve what you like. In the photo above you can see pink and brown were mixed for a coral hue.
  3. Transfer your pigment or powdered nail polish into the clear nail polish OR if you do not want to contaminate your clear polish, funnel the pigment and some clear polish into another container with a lid.
  4. Close the container and shake.
  5. Apply your fabulous new color to your nails!

I highly encourage you to give this tutorial a try, it's super simple and fun. You'll be so happy with all of the amazing compliments you get and the surprise answer you'll give people when they ask you where you got that beautiful polish!

Happy crafting, everyone!

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