Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The best Valentine's Day gift ever!!

So obviously I have the best husband in the world, that's a given, but he chose to go above and beyond that status and surprise me with what I've always wanted this Valentine's Day: a Temptu Pro Airbrush Intro Kit!!! I never thought I was going to get one of these because he got me, as a wedding present, the Sephora edition of the at-home Temptu airbrush for dummies and that product was a whiff. The cheap plastic hose inside of the air gun broke on me about 4 times and I had to keep returning it to Sephora until I just gave up on that cruddy plastic product. But not this puppy, oh no, this one is made out of solid metal and dozens of pieces that can all be taken apart and put back together again for thorough cleaning! I got the silicone-based makeup as it lasts longer and has more staying power than water-based products. 
This intro kit includes:
- S-one compressor
- 12 S/B Foundation bottles
- 8 S/B blushes and highlighters in various colors
- S/B primer
- airbrush moisturizer
- S/B airbrush cleaner
- concealer wheel
- TEMPTU PRO Airbrushing DVD
- airbrush cleaning kit
- TEMPTU PRO SP-35 Airbrush

This kit comes with absolutely all the essentials and everything you need! The foundations range from extremely fair to dark skin tones and even if you're fair skinned you can use the darker tones for bronzing or contouring, so having all of the options to mix colors together is amazing, you can literally achieve any shade you want! The blushers and highlighters include all the colors I would ever ask for, as well. There's a pinkish hued blush and some darker reddish blushes, but you can control the amount you put on so easily that even using one of the brighter colors isn't scary, the application is smooth, sheer and flawless. I'm a huge fan of this kit and how professional I feel using it! It really isn't very difficult to use at all as long as you follow the instructional DVD before you do anything.

So back to my point: best Valentine's Day gift ever!!! Actually, make that best "any occasion" gift ever!!!

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