Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hangover cures

Did you accidentally or intentionally drink too much and get a hangover the next day? Well, here are some easy tips and tricks to get you feeling right as rain the next day so that you can go out and do it all over again. Sometimes you won't have an entire weekend with the blinds shut as if you're hiding out from the zombie apocalypse to get over what ails you. Don't let yourself feel miserable and hang out in bed all day with a scrunched-up looking face and the physique of a troll. Empower yourself and get yourself feeling fabulous as soon as possible with these easy methods.

First and most importantly, make sure you're drinking plenty of water, and I know you hear this everywhere, but it is the most important thing to drink it as you are consuming alcohol and afterwards. You should be hydrating your body even 24 hours after you finished drinking alcohol to replenish the water supply in your cells and to flush the alcohol from your body. This will allow you to avoid crashing and keep you hydrated. 

Taking a few advils with water after you've eaten a meal will reduce the inflammation and bloating that you'll feel from the alcohol. It will also help with hangover headaches and migraines, also with sensitivity to sunlight so that you may escape from your room without having to shield your bloodshot eyes as if you've emerged from living in a cave your whole life. You may also want to use a cold compress over your eyes or ice wrapped in a paper towel to reduce any swelling and puffiness you may be experiencing, it will also help to invigorate and wake you up.

Drinking coconut water or electrolyte-full drinks such as gatorade and powerade will re-energize your metabolism and allow you to ward off that icky-feeling after you're done binge drinking alcohol. Make sure to fill yourself up with plenty of bread and carbohydrates before and after you down a ton of alcoholic beverages because they will absorb the alcohol and stop your stomach from feeling upset (thereby, also reducing the chances that you'll embarrassingly puke all over yourself). Try to avoid eating anything heavy and creamy like cheese and butter or fried foods because they will only contribute to your feeling of nausea.

If you're going out to drink again the next day, make sure you attempt to consume a drink that has a lower alcohol content and not the same thing that you fell ill to the last night because you will likely become even more drunk than you did in the first place. Switch it up, go from Gin and Tonic the first night to a beer the second and don't try to be too macho, I guarantee you'll wish you were dead the next day at work when the sun is beaming in your eyes and your computer screen's radiation is urging you to be productive.

Always make sure you have a plan to get home or a designated driver friend who can take care of you. Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other <3 and I hope you're all enjoying a fresh start to this year! Happy 2012 everyone!

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