Thursday, December 8, 2011

Expensive holiday outfit

I made this outfit using Polyvore because I was inspired by my dear friend Angelica's blog (!!!!

This is an adorable and extremely expensive dream outfit that I've put together for the holiday season. It's just an example of the ways I like to play with shapes and patterns that are in the same thematic narrative. For me, the guidelines when I put this together became clear when I chose the dress. This was my first pick because I absolutely adore this Jessica Simpson collection dress. It lends itself to the usage of many other old-world patterns and geometric as well as organic-feeling jewelry (the ring reminds me of a laurel wreath and ancient Greek gods) while the earrings and clutch bring the outfit into modern day. The scarf feels very antique and soft, it is in contrast to the hard-edged geometrical clutch, giving the outfit nice variety. You could pair this outfit with a slightly more masculine leather jacket, but for my hourglass body-shape, I prefer an A-line, mid-length coat. The booties are something I am in love with, the whole concept of lace-up boots during the winter makes me smile. I will attempt to make an inexpensive version of this outfit in the next post! Stay tuned!
Holiday outfit

Jessica Simpson dress
$148 -

Ryu a line coat
$120 -

Giambattista Valli suede lace up booties
$535 -

Kate Spade gold bag
$325 -

Asha by ADM 14k jewelry
$495 -

Alex Monroe feather jewelry
$225 -

Bottega Veneta printed silk scarve
$595 -

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