Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection - Swatches & Review

If you're a fan of cream eyeshadows like I am, you probably also have some Maybelline Color Tattoos... the problem is that they are addictive. Maybelline is always releasing Limited Edition shades and I find myself picking up one or two, until I've reached a collection of 18 strong! So I decided to do a post where I compare the shades that I own, you won't see much color overlap because I try to purchase only colors which are unique to my collection.

Too Cool, Barely Branded (Metal), Creamy Beige (Leather), Caremel Cool (LE, Dare to go Nude),  Nude Compliment (LE, Dare to go Nude)

Here you can see that the first 5 make great base eyeshadows, I prefer to layer these with eyeshadows of a similar shade to improve the color payoff.

  • Too Cool is probably the one which is hardest to blend, being that the consistency is a little bit poorer than the rest. 
  • Caramel Cool and Nude Compliment are from the Summer 2013 Limited Edition "Dare to go Nude" collection. 
  • Creamy Beige is my dupe for the MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (it works as an amazing universal base shade).

Inked in Pink (Metal), Vintage Plum (Leather), Deep Forest (Leather), Chocolate Suede (Leather)

  • By far my favorite from this lot is Inked in Pink (from the now discontinued Metal collection) because I find it to be the most wearable shade of all of the color tattoos, it's a nice light pink shade with fine shimmer. 
  • Chocolate Suede is another one I would recommend, it's part of the current permanent Leather collection, it goes on buttery smooth and has good color payoff. 
  • Vintage Plum and Deep Forest are slightly more patchy (probably because they are mattes) but they are also richly pigmented (you're only seeing 1 swipe in the swatches). 

Silver Strike (Metal), Seashore Frosts (LE, Summer 2013), Electric Blue (Metal), Stroke of Midnight (LE, Dare to go Nude), Dramatic Black (Leather)

  • Seashore Frosts (Limited Edition, Summer 2013 collection) is the most unique color of this bunch, it's a sheer wash of blue with golden iridescence - this isn't exactly a shade that can be worn alone and it requires some building up to get that golden pop to come out. 
  • Electric Blue and Silver Strike are straight-forward metallic shades (from the Metal collection) 
    • Electric Blue has a particularly great color payoff 
  • Stroke of Midnight was the biggest disappointment of all the color tattoos I own because it has poor color payoff, applies patchy and looks more like a charcoal soot with glitter than a black. I wouldn't even use this color for a base because it's not pigmented enough to cover the color my skin for a smokey eye. 
  • Dramatic Black (current Leather collection) was a complete redemption from Maybelline, it is a fully opaque black that can even be used as an eyeliner on your upper lash line (I've tried this and it results in very little smudging).

Gold Rush (Metal), Edgy Emerald, Lavish Lavender (LE, Summer 2013), Pomegranate Punk

  • Gold Rush (Metal collection, now discontinued) is a bright yellow gold with sparkle, I really like this one for doing bright eyeshadow looks including neon greens and yellows.
  • Edgy Emerald is a great emerald green shade with a satin finish that will help make green eyeshadows more vibrant when worn as a base.
  • Lavish Lavender (LE, Summer 2013) is a violet purple with pink shimmer - this makes for a very unique lavender color which I love wearing with Urban Decay's Grifter eyeshadow
  • Pomegranate Punk is a deep burgundy, wonderful for fall looks, it has a creamy consistency and performs well as either a standalone shade or in conjunction with eyeshadows - I highly recommend this one.

And there you have it, that's my whole collection from the past few years since these have been introduced. I have been storing them upside down, I'm told this helps them last longer and prevents drying out.

What are your favorites?

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