Monday, June 2, 2014

Hautelook Pucker Up! Review - Lip Beauty Bag Blowout

In honor of the price reduction on Hautelook for this Lip Beauty Bag from $24 each to $10 each, I'm going to upload my swatches and give you a detailed review of each product and what I think about it. I did an announcement post when it came out and you can check that out here.

The bag itself is rather uneventful but is nicely enough constructed that you can travel with it and it will hold up. I don't much care for the lipstick case because it feels cheap, like something you would find in a dollar store and the one wipe is fine for on the go.

Here are my swatches of the lip products inside the bag:

Mostly everything is red or red-leaning. You can definitely tell that the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss and the Lord & Berry Lipstick are very close in color, they are more true reds which lean slightly orange. The Lorac Lip Lustre is a true red with red glitter and the Mirenesse Lip Bomb is a deeper red. The NYX Lip Liner I received is a fuchsia-based red. The Laura Geller Lipstick is unique, I really like this color, it's very much a frosty finish (I would really only apply this in the middle of my lips to give a subtle highlight)

I have always wanted to try the Mirenesse Lip Bombs and the bonus is that you also get a Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in this set (a crayon lipstick that is twistable). The color payoff on these is absolutely phenomenal, you will never have to apply layers of these, 1 layer is full opacity! The Lip Bombs are more of a liquid lipstick than a gloss.

The quality of the Lorac lipgloss is good, the color can be semi-sheer so I have to apply about 2 layers to get the desired effect - the glitter particles do show up. The Italian Marbled lipstick, specifically in the color I received of Sugared Maple, can give a little bit of a dead-lipped appearance so I reserve usage for highlighting purposes - but otherwise it has a nice creamy consistency. It is also very frosty.

The Lord & Berry lipstick crayon is probably the item I'm most bummed about in this set. I find that the formula moves around on my lips too much, causing it to feather past my lip line throughout the day, it's for that reason that I probably wouldn't recommend these, since I doubt most people apply anti-feathering lip liners (this was still an issue for me when using regular lip liner). I was very pleasantly surprised with the NYX retractable lip liner pencil - this is a very smooth, creamy formual and it glides on without tugging. It's a very full color and makes my lipsticks last all day.

The brush is something I find a little large for a lip liner and a little hard to control in the area since it has rather long, bendy bristles. However, I have been using it to apply my inner corner highlight eyeshadow and it does do a great job at that!

Let me know what you think of this bag, did you purchase it? Are you going to? Why or why not?

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