Thursday, March 27, 2014

E.L.F. Studio Large Brush Holder Review

A long-time favorite of mine is the E.L.F. Studio Large Brush Holder. This retails on the elf website for $15, but since they frequently have 50% off sales, I purchased mine for $7.50. It reminds me of the makeup holders that MAC has their brushes (or used to) in their stores and it looks very luxurious and high end. Don't mind the  powder smears on mine, it's well-used and well-loved. It is also very easily cleaned with a wet cloth or paper-towel, I just haven't gotten around to it for awhile.
The container itself has 3 compartments with 2 dividers, it has a matte finish with a soft rubberized feel reminiscent of the NARS packaging (which E.L.F. is notorious for duping in much of their packaging for blushes and lipsticks). These are fairly generous compartments with each one fitting more than a typical mug might (particularly because there are no tapered edges at the bottom).
The angled view of the bottom reveals that I have added some Adhestive Grips to the bottom since there aren't any on the actual product, this gives me the added security that the brushes won't all fall over if I accidentally hit it with one of my palettes when I'm in a rush to get ready. 
The overhead view really provides a good angle of just how much I was able to fit into this brush holder. My brushes are separated by type, with the left-most compartment holding eyeshadow brushes of all shapes and functions (53 eye brushes in total), the middle compartment holding foundation/concealer and smaller powder brushes (13 in total) and he right-most compartment containing large face/powder brushes (10 enormous brushes are housed here). There is even more room in each compartment and I could stuff it even more, but I like to leave room so I can easily handle my tools.

All in all, I think this is a great, inexpensive and professional-quality purchase at a really affordable price. It's not the most glitz or glam, but I find that it doesn't stick out in my room and it actually hides the fact that my brushes are so dirty (I figure a white container would probably make my brushes look VERY dirty).

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