Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Glossybox Unboxing - Byrdie Edition

I've gotten many requests to show my readers what's in the subscription boxes I get monthly so I figured I would start with October! I subscribe to Ipsy, Birchbox and Glossybox, so I will review all of those for you every month starting now.

The subscription: Glossybox
The cost: $21 US/month

Total product value: $76.57
Why is it unique? You get beauty products from Europe, Asia and everywhere else. Very high quality products every month, I have never received a dud and I've been subscribed since March 2013.

Every month, you receive substantial codes for some of the products provided in the Glossybox. This is quite customary for any subscription service. Here's a preview of the contents of my October box (usually these arrive in the mail near the end of the month). I was VERY excited when I saw the preview of the box with a full-sized Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara!

This month subscribers received a Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream in a generous deluxe sample size, (this retails for $42 at 1.7oz) we received the 0.5oz so the value of this product is $12.35. It smells just like what you would imagine a lotus to, very plant-like. I have been using it and it is quite moisturizing, but it's quite a pricey product that I don't think I would purchase on my own. This is a nice, luxurious sample to get.

I received a Renu Exfoliating Gel which retails for $42 at 50 ml and we received a 20 ml deluxe sample so the value of it is $16.80. Subscribers either received this sample or Sesha's Anti-Wrinkle Mask. This feels delightful on the skin, it really does feel like it's cleaning up the dead skin cells on my face, but again this is quite an expensive product, especially since it's a cleanser, so it's nice to receive such a large sample because I probably won't go out and purchase it.

Subscribers also received a deluxe sized sample of Bulgari's Eau Parfumee Au The Vert, which reminds me of a spring scent because it's made with "Green Tea" as the base note. However, this is the most adorable sample I have ever seen because it's in a miniature retro glass container. The full sized product is 1.33oz and retails for $62. The sample is 0.17 fluid oz so it is valued at $7.92. The scent is fresh and light, definitely not overpowering and I find that it takes on an even better smell on my skin.

balance Me. has provided every subscriber with their limited edition tinted lip salve that is 100% natural. The product received was the full size which retails for $16.50 at 10ml. You can see that it swatches to a much letter intensity than the pumpkin color inside the tube. It's an extremely liquid formula, not sticky or unpleasant to wear. The super soft beige color was created exlusively for Birchbox. The gloss smells like peppermint and emphasizes lip size, creating a bee-stung effect. Great product, I would definitely recommend trying this out.

And now the product we've all been waiting for, Tarte's Lights Camera Flashes Mascara!!! This puppy retails for $23 for the full size and that's exactly what Glossybox gave us! The packaging is magnificent, there is no funky smell like some other mascaras, and it lengthens and provides so much extra volume to my lashes that I can actually feel the difference. My lashes have never hit the skin above my eyelid, but with this, they definitely do and I love it! The applicator is easy to use, it's a silicone bristled applicator and I have an extremely easy time applying the wet formula with it. I highly recommend trying this mascara, in my opinion it's worth every penny.

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