Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Hair Clips out of Dangle Earrings

If you have dangle or chandelier earrings which are missing their mate, you may want to consider transforming them into hair clips. I have quite a few that I am in love with but have lost the other one so I can no longer wear them as an earring pair, this is a wonderful transformative idea which can still allow you to get joy and use out of your jewelry.

All you need for this project is earrings, bobby pins, pliers, spring ring (if the earring doesn't have one), and glue (either from a hot glue gun or Gorilla Glue). You can do a variation of this project using chopsticks (if you use a drill to drill a hole through the chopstick and cut it down to size you can attach your earring to the end and use it as hair chopsticks).

First, you should open up the earring from the earring hook with pliers and make sure you add the spring ring to the earring afterwards where you want it to attach to the bobby pin. You can consider coloring the bobby pin with nail polish if you want to add a pop of color or you can skip this step. All you need to do is hook the closed spring ring onto the bobby pin and pull it through to the end. Use a dab of glue where the ring attahes to the bobby pin and make sure that it sticks down so that it doesn't move while it's in your hair. Make sure you don't glue the bobby pin closed, and let the earring dangle beautifully from your hair. This accessory will definitely make a statement, especially if you use a nice vintage earring that pops. If you don't have dangle earrings to do this, you can use studs that you cut the backing off (either with scissors or jewelry cutters) and then glue the earring backing onto the bobby pin and let it set. Voila, either way, you will have fantastic looking pins!

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